Seven secrets of second-hand house decoration

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Everyone has a different understanding of home. How can we decorate the most perfect home with limited funds

the model rooms recommended by most decoration companies to consumers are basically the finished masterpieces. Due to the guidance and introduction of the personnel of the decoration company, consumers do not know what kind of model room to look at

first: you can choose the model room under construction to see their construction situation. This kind of model room is often the place that most decoration companies are unwilling to invite you, for fear of leaving a bad impression on customers

second: you can choose the model room that has just been completed and is being accepted by the owner. Many companies are willing to bring visitors to such model rooms because they do not need the consent of the owner, and the construction site has generally been preliminarily cleaned, which makes them feel good. Of course, if there are quality problems, they can also be revealed

third: you can choose a model room that has passed the acceptance and has been occupied by the owner for a period of time. This kind of model room, not only the designer's design ideas will be fully reflected, but also the late accessories made by the owner himself have been in place, which will give you a lot of inspiration

what to do when looking at the model room

first: carefully write down the relevant information of the model room, such as the address of the model room, the name of the owner, the contact information of the owner, the name of the person in charge of the construction team, the name of the designer, the name of the project supervision personnel and their contact information. If you are a decoration company that lives in the home decoration market, you should also write down the phone number of the market quality inspection department and the name and contact information of the project quality management personnel for reference at any time. At the same time, ask the owner or site management personnel of the sample room whether they agree to visit

second: choose an appropriate time to visit the model room alone to avoid being blinded by the false image arranged by the decoration company

third: if it is a model room that the owner has occupied, it is best to contact frequently in order to know the required situation in time

find a feeling in the model room

don't look at the model room casually. In this way, you will not only miss the situation you want to know, but also find it difficult to see the problem. Here are some tips for visiting different model rooms

first: for the first type of model room recommended above, the author suggests that you pay attention to the on-site management of the decoration company, because it is impossible for outsiders to see the quality of this type of model room. You should go to the bathroom and kitchen to see how the sanitation is, whether there are workers smoking and drinking, whether the materials are stacked neatly, whether the construction waste is cleaned every day, and so on. If a company's construction site management is in place and orderly, there will be no major mistakes in construction quality. On the contrary, the construction management personnel of the decoration company lack the necessary quality and management, and there will be no high-quality construction

second: for the recommended type II model room, the author suggests that you pay attention to the responsibility and self-confidence of the construction team. A well operated company will naturally do every small project on the construction site as much as possible in the completion acceptance stage, and will never use some remaining hidden dangers (such as lamps, sanitary wares, switches and sockets are not installed, or construction waste is not cleaned up) as a means to coerce the owner in order to get back the final payment of the project. Decoration companies with problems in management or construction quality often adopt the methods introduced above - if they don't do so, they will have no bottom in their hearts about whether they can get back the final payment of the project

third: for the recommended third type of model room, the author suggests that you pay attention to the after-sales service provided by the decoration company for consumers. At present, there are indeed some projects in family decoration, and the engineering quality is difficult to ensure that the owners are 100% satisfied. For example, if there is an insulating layer on the outer wall of a building, cracks on the wall are inevitable. Although some companies claim that they have solved this problem, as far as the author knows, it seems to be impossible. For another example, due to the construction quality or the choice of materials, the water supply and drainage pipelines of plumbing projects may have different degrees of leakage. In the distribution line, a socket is not connected properly due to the carelessness of the electrician, and the circuit is blocked. The above problems are often inevitable. Therefore, whether decoration companies can provide complete after-sales service as they promised when signing contracts with consumers has become the most important factor that consumers should consider. Because perfect after-sales service can make up for many deficiencies in construction. Therefore, when visiting such model rooms, you should ask the owners in detail about the after-sales service quality of the decoration company

in addition, it should be noted that some model room owners may have had unpleasant things with the decoration company, so they will deliberately say something detrimental to each other. Don't listen to one-sided words. Use your eyes and mind to observe the doorway in the model room





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