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"Three floors, seven installation" shows how important floor installation is, but many owners don't think so. They often ignore the importance of floor installation, resulting in all kinds of unnecessary troubles after floor installation. How to lay the solid wood composite floor? Does the solid wood composite floor need to be laid with keel? You might as well come with me to understand

the solid wood composite floor is formed by interlacing the plates of different tree species, which overcomes the shortcomings of the solid wood floor in terms of wet expansion and dry shrinkage to a certain extent. The dry shrinkage and wet expansion rate is small, which has good dimensional stability, and retains the natural wood grain and comfortable foot feel of the solid wood floor. Solid wood composite floor has both the stability of laminate floor and the beauty of solid wood floor, and has the advantage of environmental protection. So, do you know how to lay the solid wood composite floor& ldquo; Three floors, seven installation ” This shows how important floor installation is, but many owners don't think so. They often ignore the importance of floor installation, resulting in all kinds of unnecessary troubles after floor installation. How to lay the solid wood composite floor? Does the solid wood composite floor need to be laid with keel? You might as well come with me to understand

I. eight purchasing standards for solid wood composite flooring

1. Look at the emission of formaldehyde

formaldehyde emission is one of the indicators for purchasing wood flooring, and it is also the most critical point! This mainly depends on whether its formaldehyde limit reaches the national target. The general formaldehyde limit is divided into three levels: eo<= 0.5mg/l,E1<= 1.5mg/l,E2<= 5mg/l; According to the new index regulations issued by China's health and Environmental Protection Bureau, all solid wood floors are qualified if their formaldehyde content reaches E2 level. Only when the standard materials reaching EO and E1 can be directly used for interior decoration can they be regarded as environmentally friendly and safe floors

2. The performance of solid wood flooring depends on the wood of its species. The floor made of wood with stable performance is naturally much more stable. Jiuzheng home network suggests that we should try to choose better trees when choosing. Generally, the better woods include rosewood, teak, oak, etc. Generally speaking, imported raw materials are better than domestic ones

3. Test moisture content

the moisture content of solid wood flooring should be the same as that of residential installation areas, so that the possibility of problems in future use will be greatly reduced. The national standard stipulates that the moisture content of wood flooring is 8% - 13%. In fact, China has a vast territory, and the moisture content requirements are different in different regions. When purchasing, first measure the moisture content of the selected wooden floor in the exhibition hall, and then measure the moisture content of the same kind of wood floor with the same specification that is not unpacked. If the difference is +2%, it can be considered as qualified

4. Measure the size

determine the appropriate length and width. The longer the solid wood floor is, the wider the better. The wood floor with too large length and width is relatively easy to deform. Try to choose a standard plate, with a length of 450---910mm and a width of 90---125mm. Below this standard are non-standard boards. Many people think that the smaller the floor is, the better the stability is. It is reasonable. However, since many non-standard boards are made of non-standard tree trunks, the stability will be greatly reduced

5. Check the quality of the board surface

the quality of the board surface is one of the main basis for grading the floor. First, check whether the same tree species, whether they are mixed, and whether the floor has dead joints, live joints, cracking, decay, bacterial transformation and other defects. Then observe the accuracy of the wooden floor. Generally, after unpacking the wooden floor, take out about 10 pieces and assemble them by hand. Observe the bite of the tongue and groove, the assembly gap, and the height difference between adjacent plates. If the joint is strictly closed, it can feel that there is no obvious height difference. If there are color differences, knots, textures and other consumers can ignore, because these things are the natural properties of wood, showing the natural color of solid wood flooring

6. Look at the quality of auxiliary materials

the quality of auxiliary materials directly affects the installation and service life of the floor. Therefore, the price and quality of skirting board and batten are also a problem that consumers need to care about. In the past, the skirting lines of laminate floors were mostly ordinary wooden skirting lines, which were not only easy to deform, but also easy to cause formaldehyde pollution. At present, the latest technology in the market is the new skirting line produced by American polymer foaming technology. The formaldehyde emission of this material is almost zero. At the same time, it also has the advantages of wear resistance, flame retardance, mildew resistance, anti-static, and has strong toughness and plasticity. It is very suitable for the perfect decoration of special house types and curved walls

7. Look at the paint quality and paint process

the plate surface is called paint plate after paint processing. When selecting the plate surface and paint quality, the key is to look at the smoothness of the paint film, no bubbles, paint leakage and wear resistance. The surface is even and flat, without bubbles, cracks and paint leakage

8. Priority of high-quality after-sales service

there is a famous saying in the flooring industry: “ Three floors, seven pavements ”, This shows the impact of floor installation on the use quality of the floor, so consumers must pay attention to choosing manufacturers with high-quality after-sales service to install the floor. Before installation, it is necessary to sign the installation agreement, which stipulates that if there is a problem with the solid wood floor, who is responsible in the end, so as to prevent the manufacturer from shirking its responsibility and repair it in time when there is a problem with the floor

II. How to pave the solid wood composite floor

1. Do not pave the solid wood composite floor six times before paving

(1) the floor is not dry (wet), not clean

(2) there are termites in the surrounding environment

(3) cross mixing operations at the construction site

(4) use inferior, polluting, damp, and perishable materials as keels

(5) the construction period is too short to implement the process

(6) users require absolute flatness and no color difference

.2 During the paving process of solid wood composite floor

(1) in order to make the interface between the two floors more firm and not loose, special fixing glue should be applied to the interface positions on both sides of the floor before installation

(2) knock the floor from the side to better fix the interface of the floor. At this time, the surface joints of the floor will be thinner and can't be seen. When installing and splicing the floor, pay attention to the gap width around the floor and wall

(3) use special tools to tighten the floor, so that the gap between the floor and the wall can be maintained at the specified 8-10mm. When installing the floor, in order to maintain a fixed expansion joint with the wall, a small wooden block of this thickness can be used to pad around the floor

(4) even in irregular corners, the expansion joints of floors and walls should be maintained well, which can reflect the quality of construction. In order to fix the buckle and have a beautiful appearance, another part of the buckle must be installed on the upper part of the buckle

(5) press the gap of the buckle with pliers, and the upper and lower parts will buckle more stably and firmly, otherwise there will be a sound when stepping on it. Buckle the buckle tightly on the previously installed buckle. The upper and lower buckle must be fastened, and there will be no sound when stepping on it. If the gap between the floor and the closet cannot be covered with a skirting line, then it should be sealed with PVC buckles

(6) in this case, the solid wood composite floor is basically installed. Next, a responsible company should do some necessary finishing work

3. Acceptance of solid wood composite floor after paving

the acceptance is usually within 3 days after the installation of the floor

the floor surface should be clean and flat. The appearance quality of the floor meets the requirements of corresponding product standards

the butt joint is at 1/2 or 1/3 of the length of the adjacent row of floor slabs

the floor shall be laid firmly without looseness, and there shall be no abnormal sound when treading

after the solid wood composite floor is paved, it can be used after curing for at least 24 hours, otherwise it will affect the use effect of the solid wood composite floor. Generally, the water resistance of solid wood composite floor is poor. It is not suitable to wipe it with wet cloth or water to avoid losing luster. Usually, after experiencing the test of temperature difference in four seasons, the floor will become more and more stable. Paying attention to daily maintenance can prolong the service life and improve the use effect

due to its special product structure, solid wood composite floor can be directly laid on flat and dry ground. In particular, almost all northern cities are paved in this way, including the ground with floor heating system

different users have their own consumption habits. Basically, most of them have made keels. It is best to encrypt the keels when making keels, so as to ensure the feeling of feet and the stress intensity at the same time. The cost is naturally higher than that of leveling with cement. However, Anxin flooring experts suggest that solid wood composite flooring is best paved with keel. When the keel is used for laying, there is a certain distance between the keels. When the talents are between the keels, the floor deflection will appear. Therefore, when the elastic modulus and static bending strength of the solid wood composite floor are too small, there will be a feeling of soft feet

III. precautions for laying solid wood composite floor:

1. The short joints between floor blocks must be staggered by at least 20cm, so that the paved floor will be stronger and more stable, reduce waste, and enhance the overall effect, but the long side joints between rows must be kept in a straight line, so the side not against the wall in the first row should be straight

2. When laying the floor against the wall, stairs, columns, pipes or other hard facades, an 8mm ~ 12mm gap should be reserved. In the south of the Yangtze River, it is recommended to build rooms with an angle of more than 10mm at the door and road

3. When the room is longer than 8m (tail to tail of the floor block) and wider than 8m (cross laying of the floor), the gap joint with a ratio of 1:1 should be included in advance. The gap joint is covered with grid bracing. Once the length or width exceeds 8m, gusset strips must be added, and expansion joints must be left. The gusset screws must not be fixed too tightly. The floor cannot float if it is too tight, and it is easy to press the floor plate

4. When paving, shrinkage joints should be left not only on the floor, but also on the floor mat

5. If the short head of the last row of floors is less than 30cm, a new floor shall be used directly, and the last floor shall not be less than 5cm

6. When using glue for tongue and groove, 0.5L can be used for 12m2 ~ 15m2 floor tongue and groove. Fully fill the tongue of each floor with tongue and groove glue. When the floor is assembled, a little string of glue appears on the joint (wipe it off with cloth in time). Only when the glue is correct, the floor can withstand vibration and water erosion

7. Glue residue can be removed with household detergent or scraped gently with a thin sheet

editor's summary: the above is the introduction of how to lay the solid wood composite floor, the laying methods and precautions of the solid wood composite floor. When decorating a house, the quality of the floor installation will directly affect the beauty and service life of the floor. Therefore, when installing the floor, we must choose professional personnel to install it. For more information, please continue to follow our website




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