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When doing decoration, material selection is very important. You should know some knowledge about the purchase of all kinds of furniture in case of need

today's baidibao board wants to explain to you how we should choose the board of the overall wardrobe? Professional wardrobe board selection knowledge provided by professionals

the three commonly used boards actually have their own characteristics, and how to use them is the right way.

1. Particleboard is made by crushing logs and processing at high temperature and high pressure. The middle layer is made of long wooden fibers, and both sides are made of fine-grained wooden fibers, which are pressed into boards. With the advantages of not easy to deform and strong nail holding force, it is regarded as the main material of panel furniture in the world. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to do bending treatment or curved section treatment, and has high requirements for processing machinery. High quality imported particleboard meets the highest European E1 standard, and the formaldehyde content is less than 0.9mg/l

2. The density board is made of powdered wood fibers and pressed at high temperature, with good surface flatness. Because it is soft, impact resistant, high strength, uniform density after pressing, and easy to reprocess, it is suitable for blister board, paint baking board, etc. But the disadvantage is that the water resistance is poor, the expansion rate is higher than that of particleboard, and it is easy to deform

3. Solid wood particle board is a new, high-grade environmental protection substrate, which is produced by the process of particleboard. The density of solid wood particle board is higher, and the wood fiber particles in the board are larger, which retains the essence of natural wood. In the use of adhesives, the content of solid wood particle board is generally less than 5%, and the environmental protection is better. In addition, its processability is as good as that of particleboard

when choosing plates, don't blindly follow the trend and buy expensive, popular or popular products recommended by shopping guides. First, find out what you need and what you are suitable for, and then choose slowly

the board of a good wardrobe should not only look good, but also have the properties of durability, environmental protection, moisture resistance, tide insects and so on. We often say that "things do their best" is actually this truth. Find the right one, and then improve its utilization to achieve efficient and convenient practical functions

many consumers also choose the overall wardrobe, because it is the trend of today's wardrobe development. The advantage of the overall wardrobe is that it can be customized and designed according to everyone's needs, which not only highlights personality, saves space, but also integrates with the overall decoration style

baidibao, one of the top ten Chinese plate brands, said: as mentioned above, what suits you is good. Understand the characteristics of each panel, and choose according to your own needs. Only the panel suitable for your own wardrobe can be more durable in use


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