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Guangdong screen window The company needs to clarify its own brand positioning, clarify its future development direction, and then make a reasonable brand implementation direction. Only when the market competition intensifies and the central competitiveness is firmly grasped, can it be exposed in many brand centers and firmly grasp the minds of consumers. With the increasing homogenization of goods, the company should be more clear about its own core. The same goods, through the provision of added value and the transmission of different values, the unique personality, internal and values of outstanding brands, are gradually recognized by consumers, and then occupy the highland of the mall

in the direction of implementation, we need to keep pace with the times. As a Guangdong screen company, it is also necessary to clarify whether the capital it owns matches the implementation direction. These are the aspects that the company needs to study carefully

now it is Guangdong screen window During the period of company transformation, the structure of old brands was miscellaneous and there were many scruples. All Guangdong screen companies have their own shopping malls. In the case of different commodities, a clear idea of shopping malls is what the company wants to see. The size of door and window companies subdivided by category does not need to be very large, and the pressure has also been reduced. Once, the Guangdong screen company put the inventory pressure on the dealers. Now it needs to provide ideas, things and dealers to face questions together

for the current market situation, Guangdong screen creates brand demand to sell to support, while the sale of goods depends on the terminal to break. Guangdong screen company should be well prepared to fight a long-term war. We should not fight hard, find good weapons, use electronic goods and online things to promote and attract consumers




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