Home decoration acceptance VI check

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?? First, check the door to see if the lock tongue is aligned with the lock nose, and if the key is convenient to rotate. The gap between the door and the door frame should be moderate, small too tight, large air leakage. Also pay attention to the gap between the door and the ground, and reserve the gap for floor decoration. Otherwise, the door can be opened and closed freely when it is on the cement floor. After paving bricks or carpets, it will be difficult

second, look at the window. The window is most afraid of water seepage. When it rains, the rain flows everywhere along the crack of the window. If the developer allows you to spray water pipes on the outer wall for 10 minutes or more, it's certainly good to check it. When you look, you must carefully look at the process of the window. Whether the joints are tightly blocked and the strips are pressed flat and unequal

?? Third, look at the toilet. If the water tank leaks, rust is easy to appear. The water tank should be energy-saving, because it is not impossible for the water price to continue to rise, and the most waste water in the building is caused by toilet flushing

?? Fourth, look at the floor drain. You might as well put some water in the bathroom to observe

?? Fifth, look at the cabinet. Open and close the cabinet door to see whether it is convenient, and also to see whether the kitchen channel is smooth after opening the door, and whether the cabinet height is convenient for taking and storing items

?? Sixth, look at the stainless steel wash basin. Some buildings use stainless steel wash basins. If the sewer pipe of this basin leaks, it is not easy to see with the naked eye. You can touch it with your hand along the pipe to make it dry. You can also touch the surface of the water hose gently to see if there is water seepage




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