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Green Eco board wardrobe has become everyone's common choice, but there are many eco board products on the market, and we also need to pay great attention when choosing

Green Eco board wardrobe has become everyone's common choice, but there are many eco board products on the market, and we also need to pay great attention when choosing. What should we pay attention to when making wardrobe with eco board? The environmental protection grade standard of wardrobe board is the amount of formaldehyde released per liter of air of wardrobe board, which determines its environmental protection grade. Next, the Millennium boat panel editor will tell you what the precautions are for the production of eco board wardrobe

first, what is ecological board:

ecological board is a kind of board with plywood and blockboard as the base material and impregnated adhesive film paper as the facing material based on the production process of impregnated adhesive paper facing wood-based board. After improvement and innovation, it has been developed and produced. There are many other names for Eco board in the industry. The common names are paint free board and melamine board. Because the melamine faced melamine board of plywood and blockboard core can reach the ecological environmental protection level standard, it is called ecological board. Ecological board is a unique new type of wood decorative board in China

environmental protection grade of ecological board:

whether the board is environmentally friendly mainly depends on the free formaldehyde content released by the board. According to the national environmental protection standard for man-made board, there are the following grades:

1, E0: that is, the formaldehyde emission is less than or equal to 0.5mg/l; (European standard agreed by industry self-discipline)

3. E1 level: that is, the formaldehyde emission is less than or equal to 1.5mg/l; (national standard)

4, E2 level: that is, the formaldehyde emission is less than or equal to 5mg/l; (national standard)

ecological board is more environmentally friendly than melamine paint free board of traditional particleboard and density board. Ecological board uses solid wood joinery board and plywood with less glue. It also uses environmental friendly glue with high cost, and it does not need to be painted to make furniture. It has the characteristics of dirt resistance and wear resistance, fire and moisture resistance, strong nail grip, good stability and long service life. Its important is to make furniture, It is now an ideal environmental protection plate

II. Precautions for Eco board wardrobe:

1. Pay attention to health and environmental protection

the materials selected for the production of high-quality Millennium boat eco board wardrobe must be environmentally friendly. The wardrobe is for clothes, and the clothes are worn by daily people. Therefore, the materials for the production of eco board wardrobe must be healthy enough

2. The design should be humanized

the production of the Millennium boat ecological board wardrobe must be sufficiently humanized in the design, because the service life of the ecological board wardrobe is relatively long, and once the cabinet is used, it is not easy to move, so for the convenience of the future, the convenience must be fully considered in the design. It should be easy to disassemble and move, and it should be more convenient in use

3. Choose high-quality hardware

hardware accessories also play an important role in the production process of the Millennium boat ecological board wardrobe. In addition to the high-quality materials, we must choose high-quality hardware accessories, so that the quality of the ecological board wardrobe can be guaranteed

III. precautions for Eco board wardrobe door:

1. Framed sliding door

sliding door is a very popular style of wardrobe furniture. The sliding rail hardware used in sliding door wardrobe not only saves space, but also is convenient to use and has good structural stability. But sliding doors are much more expensive than swing doors

2. Frameless swing door: stable structure and weak integrity

modern home pursues simplicity. Frameless door panels are more popular for their smooth and continuous lines. Door panels are made of hinged hardware, which is affected by excessive size deformation and bearing pressure surge. The side hung door has the advantages of good sealing and is much cheaper than the sliding door

IV. precautions for Eco board wardrobe design:

1. Reasonably design the space of the wardrobe according to the population composition of the family. According to the situation of stacking clothes and hangers, reasonably design the laminates, clothes poles and drawers, and store the less used clothes separately. Moreover, considering the inconvenient movement of the elderly, the drawers should not be designed at the bottom or low position, and should be about 900mm high from the ground, so that the elderly can easily take clothes

2. Pay attention to details: reasonably design the door opening style according to the use environment, whether the wardrobe drawer and door can be easily opened, and whether there are obstacles; The width and height of the laminate design should meet the design specifications, such as: the laminate should not exceed 2000px, otherwise it is easy to deform after bearing

3. According to the rational design standard, the height of the cabinet is usually 2400mm or 2300mm, which will be divided into two layers. The top layer is the top cabinet with cotton quilt and other infrequent objects, and the bottom is the frequently used clothing space. Reasonably design and use the limited space to plan the column and beam obstacles, so as to maximize the storage space of the cabinet




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