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Wuhan Shishang participated in the national standard setting meeting of artificial stone, which was approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China on March 27-29, 2013, The working group meeting and standard finalization meeting of the national industry standards of the finished products of shaped artificial stone (including solid surface materials, quartzite and granite) and the specifications for the processing, decoration and construction of artificial stone (including solid surface materials, quartzite and granite), drafted by the solid surface materials branch of the China Building Materials Federation and the (National) building materials industry technology supervision and Research Center, were held in Shanghai

as a backbone enterprise in China's artificial stone industry and a participating unit of national standards, Kong Xiangwen, general manager of Wuhan Shishang, also attended the meeting. It is reported that a total of 40 representatives from nearly 30 participating units and artificial stone backbone enterprises attended the meeting

in the afternoon of March 27, this meeting officially began. The meeting first organized the representatives to visit the Donghai square artificial stone project constructed by Shanghai Baidu Industrial Development Co., Ltd. during the visit, song Shuai, chairman of Baidu company, gave a detailed and serious explanation of the construction process and difficulties. The representatives attending the meeting said that they had gained a lot and benefited a lot, which was a heuristic help to the formulation of the two national industrial standards

from March 28 to 29, the seminar on the two standards was held in Shanghai Yuanshen hotel. This meeting was chaired by Professor Wuqiang, senior engineer of (National) building materials industry technology supervision and research center and executive vice president and Secretary General of China artificial stone association; This meeting mainly discussed the scope, technical requirements and indicators of the two standards. Professor Liu Wuqiang introduced and explained the draft contents and compilation process of the two standards. At the meeting, representatives of the editing units and member units spoke enthusiastically, discussed warmly and had a harmonious atmosphere. Excellent enterprise representatives with leading levels of special-shaped products and processing and construction technology in the artificial stone industry have put forward many suggestions and opinions that are very useful for the formulation of the two national industry standards, which provide important help for the improvement and finalization of the standards

the meeting expressed its gratitude to Shanghai Baidu Industrial Development Co., Ltd. for its support and help

the representatives attending the meeting mainly include:

Kong Xiangwen, general manager of Wuhan Shishang high tech building materials Co., Ltd.

Wang Yonggang, chairman of Guangzhou heatwave Industrial Co., Ltd.

Zhou Jun, chairman of Guangdong Zhongqi New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Wang Tao, chairman of Shandong shengfulai quartz stone Co., Ltd.

pangzhiwen, deputy general manager of Huapeng meiyate decorative materials Co., Ltd.

Yan Faxiang, deputy general manager of Guangzhou grandi polymer materials Co., Ltd General manager

Gan Senqiang, manager of Guangdong Zhongxun new building materials Co., Ltd.

Liao Gang, manager of Zhuhai Polaroid Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

pangyanping, general manager of Guangzhou grandi Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

Lu Changhe, head of Zhongzhou Branch of Aluminum Corporation of China and Li Liquan, manager

Zhai Jiye, chairman of Changzhou fulcrum smart Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

Song Shuai, general manager of Shanghai Baidu Industrial Development Co., Ltd Manager

Lin Guoyuan, chairman of Shanghai Dongjiu artificial stone Co., Ltd.

Fu Heshun, chairman of Shandong Kangjieli artificial stone Co., Ltd. and Wang Zhimin, chief engineer

Wang Xin, general manager of Nantong Boloni New Material Co., Ltd.

Yue Yanjie, manager of Shanghai Jinlu automation equipment Co., Ltd.

Zhuo Zhaoqing Futian Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Chen Zhixiong, chairman of Guangzhou Zhisheng building materials Co., Ltd.

Luo Haifei, general manager of Shanghai langbang decorative materials Co., Ltd.

Yao Ximing, chairman of Hong Kong Jiaming decorative Engineering Company

CAI Zhengyi, general manager and Lu Shiyang, general manager of Nanjing Wuke decorative materials Co., Ltd.

Cao Xiaoshuang, deputy general manager of Nanjing Woge decorative materials Co., Ltd.

Ren Xiaobing, manager of Henan Shenhuo new materials Co., Ltd.

Harbin xintenglong building decoration supporting project is summarized in aiqiu, general manager

Haitutes Tools Co., Ltd. changxinxin

manager Zhao Jian of Yantai Junshi building materials Co., Ltd.

manager Zhou Maoliang of Wuxi Wanfeng protective film Co., Ltd.

General Manager Yang Jianping of Shanghai bester Trading Co., Ltd





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