How to do a good job in modern energy economy

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How to do a good job in modern energy economy modern energy economy is not only an important part of building a modern industrial system, but also an internal requirement for achieving high-quality economic development

energy is an important part of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Not long ago, when attending the deliberation of the Inner Mongolia delegation to the first session of the 13th National People's Congress, he stressed that "we should do a good job in the modern energy economy, closely follow the new trend of the world energy technology revolution, extend the industrial chain, and improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency of energy and resources", and drew a blueprint for the fourth generation road machinery in the era of high-quality energy development in China. Doing a good job in modern energy economy is the inevitable choice to achieve higher quality, more efficient, more equitable and more sustainable development of energy, and also the only way to ensure that energy provides strong support for the sustainable and healthy development of economy and society

"fully understand the great significance"

an important part of building a modern economic system. Energy is an important material basis for the survival and development of human society. Modern energy economy is an important part of building a modern economic system. At present, affected by various factors such as intensified resource and environmental constraints, more energy supply constraints, huge demand pressure and technical level, China's energy economy is still characterized by "big but not strong". The task of promoting the energy production and consumption revolution and building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy 1) talc 2) gypsum 3) calcite 4) fluorite 5) apatite source system is still arduous. We must foster new growth points and generate new momentum in areas such as innovation leading, green and low-carbon, strengthen the construction of energy infrastructure such as electricity and pipelines, improve the export-oriented and open degree of energy, improve the quality of the supply system, deepen the supply side structural reform, and make the modern energy economy a solid, deep and good article

adapt to the internal requirements of the changes of the main social contradictions in China. Structural contradiction has become the main contradiction in the development of China's energy economy at this stage. The generation of power shortage and "gas shortage" in some regions is fundamentally the problem of unbalanced and insufficient energy development, the manifestation of the imperfect public service system in the energy field, and the inevitable result of the transformation from the past "stall" to today's "step up". We must implement the people-centered development concept into the development of modern energy economy, accelerate the construction of energy and people's livelihood guarantee projects, and improve the energy public service system

"deeply understand the scientific connotation"

modern energy economy is not only an important part of building a modern industrial system, but also an internal requirement for achieving high-quality economic development. Take innovation as the first driving force to lead the modern energy economy, and continuously strengthen the strategic support for the development of the energy economy. To keep up with the new trend of the world energy technology revolution is to focus on building a scientific and technological innovation system that catches up with and surpasses the world, and further improve the level of energy innovation and development

at present, China has made great progress in energy science and technology, but there is a lack of original major breakthrough. The overall level of energy science and technology innovation can not meet the requirements of modern energy system construction. We should accelerate the promotion of the energy technology revolution and strive to take the lead in the new round of global energy technology revolution

in accordance with the requirements of "a batch of application and promotion, a batch of demonstration tests, and a batch of concentrated research to promote the development of military civilian integration of new material industry", accelerate the industrialization of relatively mature, demanding, marketable and low-cost technologies such as supercritical and ultra supercritical coal-fired power generation technology, coal-fired boiler and kiln pollutant control and management technology, waste heat and residual pressure utilization technology, wind power and photovoltaic power generation; With regard to coal chemical industry such as shale gas exploration and exploitation, coal to olefins, high-temperature gas cooled reactor nuclear power, intelligent power, distributed energy, deep-sea oil and gas exploration, development and utilization, and natural gas hydrate exploration, development and utilization, we should accelerate the formation of independent complete sets of major equipment, and improve the independent innovation ability of energy science and technology and the localization level of equipment manufacturing; For the efficient development and utilization of renewable energy such as large-scale offshore wind power, high-efficiency solar power generation and bio liquid fuel, and technologies with broad prospects such as smart power, large-scale energy storage, carbon capture and utilization, and efficient utilization of nuclear power, we should aim at the world's scientific and technological frontier, gradually narrow the gap, and achieve catch-up and leapfrog

promote green development, focus on building a clean and low-carbon green industrial system, and promote the transformation of energy economy to an ecological development mode. Green development is the trend of the world today. We should expand the clean energy industry applicable to a variety of standards, steadily promote the large-scale development of renewable energy such as hydropower, wind power, solar energy and biomass energy, actively and steadily promote the development of offshore wind power, orderly promote the construction of trans regional renewable energy power transmission bases, steadily promote coastal nuclear power projects, and strive to increase the proportion of clean energy in the total primary energy consumption

focus on quality, efficiency and power transformation, extend the industrial chain, improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency of energy resources, and continuously improve the input-output efficiency and economic benefits of energy economy. To achieve high-quality development in the energy sector, we must unswervingly promote the "three deletions, one reduction and one subsidy", adjust the stock, reduce low-quality and ineffective supply, optimize the increment, and improve the overall efficiency of the supply system. Efforts should be made to improve the quality of the energy supply system. We will vigorously eliminate ineffective supply and promote the coal and coal power industries to resolve excess capacity. We will expand high-quality incremental supply, promote the disposal of water, wind and light, and the funding gap for renewable energy subsidies, increase clean power supply, and promote the consumption of renewable energy

starting from deepening major reforms in the energy field, we will continue to improve and perfect the power layout, allocation methods, and effectively, orderly and effectively promote the reform and innovation of the system and mechanism of deepening the whole chain of power production, supply, and service. We will deepen the reform of "deregulation, regulation and service", further improve energy regulation and service levels, and reduce institutional transaction costs. We will accelerate the construction of the power market, carry out comprehensive and special pilot projects for the reform of the oil and gas system, further substantially relax market access, and improve the exit mechanism, so that high-efficiency factors can enter and low-efficiency factors can exit, releasing market vitality

improve the renewable energy development and utilization mechanism, and establish a strict supervision and assessment mechanism for areas with serious water, wind and light abandonment or poor clean energy consumption, so as to reduce the power abandonment and power abandonment rate and improve the comprehensive energy utilization efficiency. Build an industrial integration platform, change the competitive situation between petrochemical industry and coal chemical industry, promote the integrated development of modern coal chemical industry and petrochemical industry, electric power, metallurgy and building materials, and gradually build a modern coal chemical industry system. Scientifically grasp the industrial chain relationship among coal, aluminum and electricity, and explore the development path of integrated reform

improve the level of open energy economy, combine bringing in and going out, participate in international energy competition and cooperation on a larger scale and at a higher level, enhance the status of China's energy industry in the global value chain, make energy governance an important way for China to actively participate in the construction of the international order and the global governance system, and make the modern energy economy powerful, dynamic and supportive

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