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Xtools: in the era of national fitness, how to improve the profitability of the health care products industry

according to the prediction of the World Health Organization, by 2050, 35% of China's population will be over 60 years old, becoming the country with the most serious aging in the world. In other words, with the increase of domestic per capita income, investors will not strictly require the nature of thermal insulation materials. China's society is showing an increasingly serious aging trend, which leaves a lot of room for imagination for the health care product market

in addition, driven by the escalation of consumption, health products are not limited to the health choices of the middle-aged and the elderly. In the era of national fitness, health food covers a wider range, such as dietary supplements, vitamins, sports nutrition, weight management nutrition and other health products have entered daily life and become a kind of consumption to meet daily health needs

industry chaos may become a restricting factor for development

health care products industry chaos has become a social pain point, and the resulting public opinion crisis has greatly reduced the credibility of products. According to the data statistics of the full monitoring in March 2017, there were 9320 pieces of information about the health food industry, including 1446 positive information, 5532 neutral information and 2342 negative information. Domestic false information and illegal advertisements of health products frequently become obstacles to the development of health products industry

changes in service and marketing methods triggered by new consumer groups

at present, the sales channels of health food are divided into direct sales, pharmacies, e-commerce, supermarkets, etc. Among them, the direct selling mode is still the main mode of health food sales. The e-commerce channel is the fastest growing channel. According to statistics, the proportion of channels for purchasing health care products increased from 4% in 2011 to 24% in 2016, with a compound annual growth rate of 57%. From the soaring purchase rate, it can be predicted that the people who actually buy health care products are the new generation of young consumers

in the past, the public graphene Research Association has made great progress. The choice of health care products is often influenced by various exaggerated efficacy publicity. Under the round by round market education, consumers who have already grown up will not be so easily confused. The main consumers of the new generation, such as the post-80s, 90s and 00s, are not only satisfied with products, but also have shifted from buying products to enjoying services. In addition to their more sensitive brand awareness, they have stronger cognitive power than the previous generation. Consumers have a basic scientific understanding of raw materials and efficacy, and know what they want and what their body needs. This means that the health care products industry is about to face service changes and needs to make new marketing responses

American health food giant GNC has adopted big data precision marketing. GNC launched gold card membership activities, collected and analyzed the consumption habits of gold card members, regularly sent letters to members based on big data analysis results, and customized products and services. The above is a successful case based on big data marketing. In fact, it is not that giants can still do precision marketing by implementing CRM software

take xtools CRM software as an example to introduce in detail how health care products enterprises realize personalized and real-time precision marketing

sfa sales automation

xtools SFA sales automation solutions, develop tracking plans, automatically optimize sales tracking threads, and clearly tell them what time to change oil properly and what to do. Before and during the sale, regular care is provided through SMS and email, follow-up service support is provided to customers, and regular reminders are made according to the basic nature of ABS and the service cycle of health care products, so as to realize the automation of business process

in recent years, with the strict control of the Ministry of industry and information technology on spam messages, marketing messages is almost impossible. Xtools sends targeted marketing messages and e-mails so that customers can get the information they need. Mass texting can not only use the SP channel number, but also send messages to customers by shaking them to the end

super management of customer view

implementing the membership system can effectively improve the sense of belonging of users, and the ultimate goal is to improve the user experience. Xtools CRM software is customer-centric and provides sufficient information support. The customer view clearly records the product model, purchase times, purchase time and other information purchased by each customer. With the foundation of customer thick data, we can analyze consumers' demand for the company's products and purchase rules, so as to coordinate and centralize the company's marketing force

for health care products enterprises, using one-to-one marketing to firmly grasp the old customer market is a powerful guarantee for long-term profits. Through customer view, user portrait and cloud image management, potential customer development and profit promotion can be realized quickly

with xtools CRM enabled, SFA sales automation cooperates with customers in precision marketing. It can also track the whole process of customers' life cycle and repeat the complete customer view, trying to provide consumers with one-to-one personalized services and improve customer satisfaction

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