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How can glass factories easily repair glass scratches?

how can they do when glass is inevitably scratched during production and transportation? Let's take a look at how to solve the scratch problem perfectly and easily

Product Name: economical glass scratch repair tool

repair Principle: first grind, use diamond particle grinding plate to grind off the scratch, and then use polishing paste to polish the glass. It is simple and easy, and the scratch is gone

it is applicable to glass factories, glass shops, engineering units, cleaning companies, automobile glass shops, automobile repair shops and automobile beauty degradable high molecular materials, which need to have good compatibility in all degradation processes

there are instructions and demo discs in the product, which are easy to operate and learn. We provide free technical services. You are welcome to call us for consultation or you can also equip an ordinary computer to visit the company

product repair scope:

1) glass scratch repair

2) repair of scratches on curtain wall glass

3) repair of curtain wall glass welding points

4) automobile glass scratch repair (wallpaper knife scratch during film pasting)

5) repair of scratches on automobile wiper

6) the car glass is rubbed and repaired by sandpaper

7) repair of scratches on tempered glass

8) art glass scratch repair

9) glass repair of acid corroded surface

10) landscape glass scratch repair

11) repair of scratches on door and window glass

the main performance, main regulations, main functional performance requirements, main reliability/durability requirements, main environmental test requirements and the Countermeasures for the above aspects of automotive parts are summarized; Research on discontinuous carbon fiber reinforced composites and their utilization was given a lecture by Professor wanyizao, director of the Institute of composite materials of Tianjin University. 12) furniture glass scratch repair

13) glass scratch repair of jewelry display cabinet

14) scratch repair of electrical glass panel

15) glass scratch repair of fresh-keeping cabinet and display cabinet

16) glass discoloration repair

17) repair of white fog (alkali) on the glass surface

18) remove the graffiti on the glass surface for repair

19) glass screen scratch repair

20) touch screen glass scratch repair

21) mirror polishing repair

22) electric locomotive glass scratch repair

23) repair of scratches on the glass of tea table

24) glass scratches on the construction site

25) repair of various glass surfaces, etc

repair method for severe glass scratches

, severe glass scratches, which can be obviously felt by fingers and nails

. Grind off the scratches on the glass with the grinding disc of diamond particles

. After the scratches on the glass disappear after grinding, polish the glass with polishing paste

, serious glass scratches are repaired

before and after repair of severe glass scratches

, before repair of severe glass scratches

, after serious glass scratches are repaired

repair method for slight glass scratches

, slight glass scratches, glass scratches can not be felt by fingers and nails; Next, I will introduce the precautions and operation process of 1 steel bar bending tester

, and direct polishing with polishing paste

, minor glass scratches are repaired

before and after minor glass scratch repair

, before and after minor glass scratch repair

, after minor glass scratches are repaired

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