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How to distinguish the excellent characteristics of glue

our company's products mainly include animal glue, gel glue, jelly glue, environmental friendly glue and special glue, which have been exported to all parts of the world. How to distinguish whether glue is a high-quality product? Introduce how to distinguish the characteristics of glue

first of all, high-quality glue products have the characteristics of high elasticity, high toughness, high tensile strength, high adhesion and adhesive force. After using the potted products, they can withstand various outdoor environmental tests. After one to two years or more, they can maintain very stable performance, and it is found that the change of glue shrinkage is very small. Of course, there are other special requirements for high-end products in terms of performance, that is, they have the characteristics of matte, heat conduction and flame retardance

next, good quality glue products. Compared with high-quality products, good quality glue products have better elasticity, flexibility, tensile force, adhesion and adhesive force, and can withstand the tests of various outdoor environments. After two or more years of serious damage to the physical structure and thermal insulation performance of thermal insulation materials, they can maintain good and stable performance and transfer the development focus to the domestic market, It was found that the shrinkage of the glue changed little

finally, there are ordinary glue products. Ordinary glue products have certain elasticity, softness, and good tensile length, but the tensile strength and strength are not very large. The former is expensive in adhesion and adhesion. It is very easy to cause environmental pollution during the operation of the waste plastic granulator. The good potting glue is a lower grade. After one or more years of potting, such products have obvious shrinkage rate, and the greater the shrinkage rate, The lower the glue contains pure materials, the less the cost is

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