How to distinguish the quality of glue in the past

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How to distinguish the quality of glue in the paste box

first, pour the glue on the flat glass to observe its rheology, and swing it left and right to observe its rheology. If the glue flows too fast, it means the glue is too thin. Poor fluidity, too thick is not conducive to bonding

secondly, observe its viscosity with hands. If you can slowly wire drawing, it is better to have a little sticky hand

then, pour it on a small piece of glass to observe its film-forming time, and focus on the pneumatic expansion system. If it takes about 1 ~ 2 minutes, the film-forming time of the glue that can form a film on the surface of the glue is better

pe gas pipe step 4: after the film-forming glue is basically cured, use your fingers to dip in water to drain and observe its cohesion. If the glue is melted quickly, the cohesion is poor. After purging, the glue is turbid -- it can effectively improve the odor and VOC performance of the product and add fillers

finally, use two plates to stagger and bond together, and measure the tension after 24 hours. Soak for a day and then dry to observe the color change. If the tensile force of the glue changes very little, it means that the water resistance of the glue is very good, otherwise it is very poor

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