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How to effectively do network marketing in traditional manufacturing industry

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core tip: starting from a small matter, a newly graduated mm entered a packaging machinery company, and the boss asked her to go to the market to find customers. But I haven't had any customers for a long time. I'll ask you what platforms you have built. Has Alibaba done it yet

[China Packaging News] from a small matter, a newly graduated mm entered a packaging machinery company, and the boss asked her to look for customers. But I haven't had any customers for a long time. I'll ask you what platforms you have built. Has Alibaba done it yet. She said she had done it. When I saw it, I sent some information to a free Wangpu. There was no chengxintong member. This, This obviously doesn't work. 3. The inverted metallographic microscope can't clean the surfaces of other parts with organic solution. Everyone who works in Alibaba knows that unless you mix some famous ones on it, if you don't do it, there will be no ranking for product information. It turned out that the boss of a company insisted on not doing it

many small and medium-sized manufacturing industries are basically aware that using the Internet for network marketing can open a greater market for their products. However, many traditional manufacturing personnel are used to the general mode of thinking, or have no reasonable understanding of the basic marketing ideas of Internet. I may only know the things that send messages, and the effect is self-evident. However, there are quite a few skills in sending messages. Just like the boss mentioned at the beginning, he didn't do basic things because of some concerns about the network. How can he talk about the effect he wants. Of course, it is also important to have a basic network marketing personnel

many people, especially novices, often ask questions on the Internet platform. Is it suitable for manufacturers like us to do Internet Marketing? Why is there no list. In fact, you might as well take a look at those of your peers who are doing better. Why do they have lists on the Internet? Why are they suitable for network marketing? Both daily necessities and industrial products are products made by human beings. In principle, they can be marketed online. The author does network marketing for a small enterprise producing paper packaging products. In a short time, half of the list of this enterprise can come from the network

based on the experience of network marketing in recent years, how can the traditional manufacturing industry effectively do network marketing

the first thing to do is to optimize the B2B platform

B2B platform is the most widely used platform for network marketing of industrial products. Personally, I think it's best to have a paid platform combined with other platforms. Other products open a free shop on Taobao when the oil delivery handwheel is turned on. The operation is better and the effect will be good. The members of Alibaba and HC will be refined and optimized internally, from the title to the picture to the detailed description. Then select the B2B platform with good effect of Baidu collection to optimize the release of product information. According to the test results, almost half of the people look for the products they need from Baidu. It is estimated that there are more traditional enterprises that have just touched here

as for other basic SEO optimization work, the basic work will come to an end in a few months. Instead of doing nothing, it will be further optimized step by step according to the details, such as replacing outdated keywords, checking and optimizing pictures, etc. Some people say that we are a manufacturing industry, so we don't need to make the pictures too good. It's good to let people see tensile strength, constant elongation, constant elongation force value and yield strength. In fact, this itself is a cognitive deviation. In terms of the environment, different from the reality, even if the other party knows that sometimes your product is the one he wants, but when there are too many choices, most people will still carefully select and carefully look at the pictures. There are always people who feel uneasy in the world. It seems that if they don't see through, they can't take it easy. If you do the best in the pictures and words of the products you produce, Most people will call you for advice

the second is the corporate officer

take it as the second one because I think it is slightly inferior to the platform in terms of effect. Many companies even have their own small sites when the enterprise is established. But they are basically display stations with only titles, which have been empty for many years. Even if they are display stations, there are few things to display. This obviously deviates from the meaning of network marketing

independent enterprise officials mainly rely on the industry articles in the station, the optimization of station titles, and the descriptive information of the station to obtain traffic. In terms of drainage skills, the internal articles to be written are related to the industry and products. There are appropriate links in the articles, which can be linked to their own home page or to their own product information; Pictures and texts must be better than words alone. Writing this picture text information on the Al t attribute of the picture can guide you in Baidu's picture search

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