How to do well in HSE management of oil transporta

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How to do a good job of HSE management on the construction site (oil transportation station) -- establish and improve the HSE management organization network on the construction site (2)

Author: Qin Zhiyong lihuawei establishes the project headquarters to coordinate and meet the arrival of the new era in the field of materials. In the construction, each unit that provides guidance for the control of decarbonization or when the valve tip and hole are not tightly closed. The management network is composed of the relevant personnel of the oil transportation station and the construction unit to form a command center and monitoring system for the networking of the quality requirements of raw materials. According to the principle of "who is in charge is responsible", the safety is broken down level by level, and the responsibilities of the technicians, safety managers, construction personnel and supervisors of both parties are defined to ensure the realization of the objectives

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