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Flying smart Samurai x9et Pro gamepad enables you to easily solve problems by feeling which is better between Samurai x9 and x9et

flying smart Samurai x9et Pro Dragon Valley Bluetooth King glory CF Apple Android gamepad

Bluetooth 2.4G King glory 0.5 second combo. For details, please refer to the following user comments:

initial use experience: first of all, 4. Rotate the coarse focusing handwheel to find a blurred image, He gave me an unexpected surprise. Our TV box can play all handheld games. This handle replaces the handle of the box itself, and it is deformed through force measurement and works very well. Customer service is also very awesome to teach me. No blowing, no black. Absolute five-star praise. And this handle is very awesome. It is the first time to write so many praises. The average term of office of each government is only more than one year, just for all players who want to buy it to have a look, from the bottom of their hearts

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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configuration parameters of Feizhi Darth Vader x9et Pro joystick:

Product Name: flydigi/Feizhi Darth Vader x9et

brand: flydigi/Feizhi

model: Samurai x9et Pro

wireless: wireless

applicable object: Android platform

Color Classification: Samurai x9et pro, samurai x9et PRO + bracket, samurai x9et PRO + bracket + Xiaoyou

handle characteristics: no vibration

interface type: USB

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