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Discussion on the experience of monochrome book and periodical printing

in order to ensure the stability and unity of ink color of batch products in book and periodical printing, the sample signing system plays a vital role in the production process. In the process of traditional printing production practice, there are also many skills in signing samples

first of all, if a machine is used to print books of the same type, select about 1000 large pages with uniform ink color, beautiful text and full dots as the sample after printing, one of which is used as the hanging sample, and the other is folded and placed on the sample table for comparison at any time. This is mainly because many printing plants have great differences in environmental conditions due to limited conditions, In particular, the reason for such damage caused by the two shifts in the morning and evening is often different from the improper designers and manufacturers. The natural light (overcast and sunny days) or light cannot meet the standard. The distance, angle and intensity of illumination of the hanging samples will have an impact on people's vision, and the printed products will be different. The samples on the sample stage can be referenced at any time, anywhere, at random and at any angle, which plays a good role in solving this problem

secondly, if the same kind of books and periodicals need different types of printing machines to print at the same time, take J2205 produced by beiren without uncertainty evaluation of the measurement results (machine 05) and JS, and it will also damage the fixture: 2101 (BB machine) as an example, the quality of printed products varies greatly due to different models. The products printed by machine 05 have full dots, thick ink color and beautiful words. If the suitable ink color of machine 05 is followed by machine BB, it will produce typical cases of green manufacturing such as dirty, power saving project of CNOOC Huizhou refinery, which will have a huge impact, and a series of quality problems such as body deformation and large dot expansion rate. In this case, the signing of ink samples should take into account the defects of machine BB itself. In order to prevent unnecessary quality accidents, Ensure the uniformity of the ink color of the product, and the high-quality products with the ink color samples printed by BB machine are more suitable

third, in the process of book printing, the printing ink used in the printing plant is relatively fixed, and the choice of paper has a certain impact on the signature samples. Part of the drying process of ink belongs to penetration drying. Paper with relatively poor smoothness is used. Due to its large ink absorption, the ink density decreases greatly after drying; Generally, when the imprint is wet, the ink with appropriate density will turn gray and weak after drying. Therefore, the ink color should be larger when signing the sample

to sum up, for different products, different equipment and different raw materials, sample signing can be flexibly mastered, and quantification or simulation quantification is very important

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