Experience of using the hottest ZNZ slub yarn devi

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Experience of using ZNZ slub yarn device

with the progress of science and technology, all kinds of textiles are changing with each passing day. The cloth made of slub yarn has a unique appearance. In recent years, it has been favored by the market. In order to meet the market demand, our factory has introduced Wuxi plait ZNZ intelligent servo system slub yarn device on fa50 common insulation plate 6 spinning frame. Since it was put into production for several months, more than 70 kinds of slub yarn of different styles have been produced, which is deeply welcomed by customers

I. application method of torque wrench detector of slub like yarn device and basic principle before the application of torque wrench detector

as we all know, ring spinning generates a certain speed ratio through different speeds of front and rear rollers to draft, so as to spin a dry and uniform yarn. The formation of slub yarn is the result of the instantaneous change of the speed ratio of the front and rear rollers. The ways and methods are roughly as follows:

(1). In the early type, slub yarn was produced by controlling the instantaneous change of roller speed through electromagnetic clutch. (suitable for spinning regular slub yarn and slub, external or internal release agent can be used, and the change of length, pitch and coarseness is limited to a certain extent)

(2) most recent models use servo motors (frequency conversion) to control the instantaneous change of roller speed after slub yarn production. Some manufacturers go further. At present, carbon fiber is mainly used as brake pad material in F1 racing car by using PLC (programmable logic controller) technology and introducing CAD (Computer Aided Design) and cam (Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology, referred to as cad/cam technology, to regulate the instantaneous speed of servo motor, so as to realize the diversification of slub yarn style. (it is suitable for spinning regular slub yarn. The change of slub length, pitch and coarseness can reach as many as a variety of styles)

(3). The latest model: at the Beijing Textile Machinery Exhibition in October 2004, Toyota factory in Japan exhibited the compact spinning frame rx240new-est, which is equipped with an electronic drafting system (e-draft) that can produce all kinds of fancy yarns (composite slub yarn, composite yarn count yarn, composite twist yarn). Its feature is that the front, middle and rear three rollers are independently driven by servo motors, fundamentally changing the transmission mode of the drafting part of the traditional spinning frame

II. Principle and characteristics of slub yarn device of ZNZ intelligent servo system

(1) use cad/cam technology to regulate the instantaneous speed of the rear roller through servo motor (frequency conversion)

(2) the front roller is driven by the motor on the original spinning frame according to the original route, and the speed is constant. In addition, a newly installed sensor (contactless) will instantly sense the speed of the front roller to the computer

(3) the computer then determines the basic characteristics of the servo motor according to the front roller speed and the drafting multiple of the base yarn, and then sends instructions from the computer according to the technological requirements of the slub yarn's knot length, pitch and coarseness to immediately change the speed of the servo motor, and then adjust and change the rear roller speed to produce the specified slub yarn

(4) the device disconnects the transmission line of the front and rear rollers at the butterfly tooth 104t of the drafting part of the original spinning frame, and installs it into the transmission system controlled by the servo motor


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