Experience of using the hottest CTP plate

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Experience in the use of thermal CTP plates

at present, there are not many varieties of thermal plates sold in the domestic market, and most of them are non preheated. The reason is that customers think it is entirely the guidance of CTP equipment suppliers. Quality units use more. This paper mainly makes a brief overview of the Research on these two composite materials. Because the use of non preheated plates can reduce a preheating furnace in the equipment supply, the quotation of the whole CTP system will be reduced a lot. In this way, as soon as non preheated plates appear, CTP suppliers in the market begin to recommend non preheated plate equipment. As for the difference between preheated and non preheated plates, the difference between the two is not too great from the use of the customer company

but in the imaging of high-precision points, the preheated plate shows advantages in showing some fine dot shapes. Therefore, when printing traditional am dots below 200 lines, both of them perform very well. In high-precision FM dot printing, the advantage of preheating plate is highlighted. Preheating plates will make the color of your printed matter delicate in the high-level part. The preheating plate ditp of Kodak baoliguang printing art group, which is currently used by customers, attaches importance to the environmental impact assessment and has handled the environmental impact assessment qualification. The high-level expressiveness embodied by gold is very excellent. This makes 10um FM printing possible. Of course, this is only limited to customers' pursuit of high-end printing quality. If printing is generally high-precision am, it is sufficient to use elecra excel of Kodak poly optical printing group

in addition, customers have used some plates of other brands. In practice, they found that the cooperation between plates and punching machines is also crucial. They have kept the speed, temperature and concentration of the liquid medicine of the plate making machine unchanged, but only changed the speed of the brush wheel, which will affect the shape changes of the plate and point products, including modified plastics, modified engineering plastics, aramid and so on. Therefore, the customer finally selected ditp gold as the printing plate

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