Experimental analysis on the development of the ho

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Experimental analysis on the development of high-speed cigarette lap joint adhesive II

2.5 optimization of unit ratio and process conditions by orthogonal test

the above factors are the necessary conditions for completing lotion polymerization. Under the condition that the total amount of monomers remains unchanged, the ratio between monomers has a great impact on the initial adhesion of the product, and the reaction temperature and reaction time line are outside the ordinary air level and humidity The installation applied when testing the strength of the test piece also affects the solid content and conversion rate of the monomer. Acrylate, acrylic acid, temperature and time were selected. Orthogonal test is carried out according to table L9 (3) 4 to determine the optimal process conditions and monomer ratio. The results are shown in Table 1 and table 2

from the experimental results, it can be seen that the process conditions of lotion with high solid content and strong initial viscosity are a1b1c3d2 and a2b3c2d2. Considering the cost factors, the final condition is a2b3c2d2. That is, vinyl acetate: acrylate: acrylic acid = 3.5:1.4:0.1, the holding temperature is 82 ± 1 ℃, and the holding time is 20min. At this time, the solid content of floating liquid reaches 52.1%, and the monomer conversion is 98%

3. Product performance and on-line application test

3.1 product performance index

3.2 on-line application test

the cigarette glue developed through this experiment has been tested on the UK: mk9/ta8 emergency shutdown unit of Zhengzhou cigarette factory and the domestic great wall high-speed cigarette machine of Xinzheng cigarette factory. The results showed that when the cigarette speed was 6000 ~ 10000 cigarettes/min, there was no strip running and air leakage, and the lap was smooth and uniform, with good stability and low temperature resistance. All cigarette quality indicators meet the requirements. It can meet the needs of normal use

4, conclusion

1) in this study, high-speed cigarette adhesive with excellent performance was prepared by ternary copolymerization system, and the influencing factors such as reaction temperature, monomer ratio and holding time were preliminarily discussed

2) the experimental table enhances the compressive capacity of the sample. It is clear that when the polymer temperature is 82 ± 1 ℃, the monomer ratio is vac/ba/aa = 3.5:1.4:0.1, the amount of initiator is 0.3% ~ 0.4%, and the pH is 5 ~ 6, the performance of lotion is the best

3) the products have been widely concerned by the society after being tested by Zhengzhou cigarette plastic packaging waste factory and Xinzheng cigarette factory, and the results are good. The trial shows that the cigarette adhesive has the characteristics of low cost, good fluidity, fast curing, non-toxic, tasteless and so on. (text/PEI Hui, Jiang Jianli, Han Zhihui, sun Lihua)

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