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Ti introduces programmable temperature switch and analog output sensor recently, Texas Instruments (TI) announced the introduction of a low-power resistance programmable temperature switch tmp300, which uses the industry's smallest sealing edge to maintain a sharp SC70 and has the largest operating power supply voltage range. The device allows simple temperature monitoring and control, and the micro package makes it an ideal choice for power supply system, dc/dc module, thermal monitoring and electronic protection system

tmp300 has a jump point that can be set by adding a single low-cost resistor, and the open drain output can control the power switch or provide processor interrupt. The independent pin on the device provides an analog output of 10mv/c, which can be used as a test point or in a temperature compensation loop. The tmp300 has a wide power supply voltage range from 1.8V to 18V, and can realize simple thermal monitoring without mcu/dsp, so that the device can make full use of the existing power bus in various applications (from battery powered handheld devices to industrial control systems). In addition, the low power consumption of the device with a maximum of 110ua also extends the service life of the battery

within the temperature range of -40 ℃ to 125 ℃, the maximum temperature measurement error of analog output is +/- 3 ℃, and the temperature switch error is +/- 4 ℃. The hysteresis function of tmp300 is pin programmable. The data collection, process control and post-processing of experimental data in the experimental process are all completed by computers. It can work at 5 ℃ or 10 ℃ in China. It is worth mentioning that the demand for diaphragms is increasing

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