Experiment on fuzzy adaptive speed control of the

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The experiment of fuzzy adaptive speed control of ultrasonic motor

the experiment is carried out according to the above design, and the step response of speed control is required to be as fast as possible without overshoot. The hardware structure of the ultrasonic motor speed control system is shown in Figure 5. The experimental motor is Shinsei u sr60 two-phase traveling wave ultrasonic motor, with 16 bit DSP chip dsp56f801 as the main control chip, and the fuzzy control algorithm is realized through DSP programming

it is necessary for the new generation of hydraulic fatigue testing machine to replace the original analog controller with a digital controller at different speeds. The step response process measured by the speed step response experiment of the given value is shown in Figure 6. The dynamic process is stable, but the adjustment time is relatively long. In order to shorten the response time, we can consider increasing the intensity of the output control quantity of the speed fuzzy controller. Considering the establishment of macro-control and market regulation mechanism in Figure 6, the response process is relatively stable, the proportional factor of the output variable DR in the fuzzy controller can be increased, which is equivalent to increasing the gain of the forward channel of the control system, increasing the output of the controller and accelerating the dynamic response process of speed. However, it should not be too large to avoid system oscillation or even instability

set the speed setting value n= At 90 R/min, take the value of G as 0.35, 0.45, 0.55, 0.6 and 0.65 respectively, and measure the step response curve of Fig. 7. When g=0.65, the step response has a small overshoot, which can be taken as g=0.6. Simulation and practical experience show that there are differences in the characteristics of the motor when running at different speeds, so the g value may be different at different speeds, so it needs to be adjusted separately. The data are shown in Table 4

the measured g value given in Table 4 is the result of experimental adjustment. These numbers change the tightness of the chain of the experimental machine and check it every six months Operators should carefully understand the instruction. It is shown that the appropriate value of G is related to the given value of speed. If the scale factor G can be adaptively adjusted according to different speed settings, it can automatically adapt to the characteristic changes caused by the motor speed changes and maintain a good speed control effect. This also realizes a relatively simple fuzzy adaptive speed control

add the fitting polynomial into the DSP fuzzy control program, calculate the appropriate g value, and carry out the page speed control experiment on the Internet. The measured step response experimental results are shown in Figure 8. Compared with FIG. 6, after adaptively adjusting the scale factor G, the adjustment time of step response is significantly shortened, the response speed is accelerated, and a better control effect is obtained

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