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Introduction: from June 2 to 4, Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd. made a strong debut at pcim2009 China exhibition with the same series of new hvigbt modules, fourth generation dipipm (dual inline intelligent power module), L1 series intelligent power modules and sixth generation IGBT modules. During the exhibition, it released its latest energy-saving products to the industry, attracting many industry people to visit, consult and negotiate. At the exhibition, China industrial control, power system design, inverter world and electromechanical business daily jointly interviewed Mr. mori, the managing director of Mitsubishi Electric Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., on the characteristics, new technologies, application fields and market positioning of its new products. (abbreviated in the article: Mr. mori)

Mr. mori, managing director of Mitsubishi Electric Machinery and electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Mr. mori: Hello, I'm Mr. mori, managing director of Mitsubishi Electric Machinery and electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. first of all, thank you for coming to this meeting in your busy schedule. Mitsubishi Electric Machinery Shanghai Co., Ltd. is responsible for the sales of Mitsubishi Electric semiconductors in the Chinese market. Mitsubishi semiconductor's main products are power modules, optical modules, and high-frequency modules. Among them, power modules account for a high proportion in the whole semiconductor sector

as we all know, the application of power modules in China has developed very fast. Our company has also invested a lot of human and material resources to contribute to the development of the Chinese market. In the power device industry, there are IGBT separation devices, which have a large market share. However, our company does not produce separation devices and focuses on the production of IGBT and IPM modules. The power devices of Mitsubishi Electric are mainly used in industry, household appliances, electric locomotives, frequency converters in the power industry, and our current electric vehicles. As we all know, these four industries have long-term and stable growth all over the world. The growth rate of Mitsubishi Electric has exceeded the average growth rate in the market, that is to say, the growth rate of our company is higher than the average growth rate in the market

especially in response to the global financial crisis, the Chinese government issued economic stimulus policies, and the large-scale modernization investment of Chinese Railways has given us great business opportunities. Our company believes that with the gradual effect of economic policies, the industrial and consumer markets, as well as our domestic demand in China, will recover soon. At present, the world is paying attention to environmental protection and energy conservation, Using wind power "However, coating components are very time-consuming, renewable resources such as solar power generation, the popularity of home appliance frequency converters, automobile electrification and other measures will be more and more developed. In order to effectively use power resources, frequency conversion technology will have a great development prospect. At the same time, power devices will also have a great development. Mitsubishi Electric attaches great importance to the Chinese market, and we will promote sales and provide good services for the whole of China Make our contribution to social development

media: just now it was mentioned that Mitsubishi Electric does not produce separation devices, so the devices used in the module are produced by itself

Mr. mori: Yes, our company only produces modules. In the past, our company also produced separation devices and modules, but a few years ago, Mitsubishi Electric and Hitachi jointly established a joint venture Risa semiconductor, so we transferred all the separation devices to Risa, and the modules stayed in Mitsubishi Electric, so the modules were all produced by us, and the devices were produced by Risa

media: many companies are optimistic about the market of China's railway industry. How can Mitsubishi surpass its competitors to gain more market share? What are the specific measures

Mr. mori: first of all, I would like to explain that Mitsubishi Electric has supplied our parts for the railway industry for 40 years. Later, high-voltage IGBT was used in Shinkansen in Japan and Shinkansen in Europe. Now our high-voltage IGBT has 3300 V, 4500 V, and 6500 V IGBT, which is called HV IGBT, high-voltage IGBT. Our company has a unique product of adjusting screw rod, which is high voltage IPM, which we call HV IPM. Shinkansen in Japan basically uses our products. Now our products are also being used in China's harmony and Shinkansen

media: I have visited the exhibition booth of Mitsubishi Electric before. I saw that the theme of the exhibition is energy conservation and environmental protection. Environmental protection has become a hot spot in the industry. What are the outstanding performances of Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor series products in this regard? Can you give some specific examples

Mr. mori: now when it comes to energy conservation, even in industry or consumer electronics, there is a frequency conversion, that is, the large-scale use of frequency converters. The power module of our company is the core component used in frequency converter

our power devices are mainly used in frequency converters, such as consumer air conditioners and refrigerators. There is also a device for energy recovery used in railway vehicles. Our power devices are also used in this device

why use such things on electric locomotives? How to recycle energy? For example, when the train suddenly needs to slow down and brake at high speed, energy will be generated at this time. I will recycle this energy and reuse it. If we want to recover energy, we need a device. In this device, we need to use the power module. When the policy is not standardized and the market is lack of maturity, this power module is produced by our company. So I think you all have a good understanding of inverter energy conservation. Now there is another way, that is, to recycle the generated energy, which is also the direction of our development

we can see from the history of the development of power devices that a module called transistor was used in the past 30 years, and later IGBT was developed. The very important reason for the development of IGBT is that the loss reduction function can be achieved after using IGBT, which is why IGBT can be widely used

we can see the picture. IGBT has the first generation, the second generation, the third generation, the fourth generation, the fifth generation and the sixth generation by 2020. With the development of new IGBT, the power consumption is also gradually reducing. Therefore, from the perspective of energy conservation, we can save energy through two aspects: on the one hand, we can save energy through frequency converters. At the same time, our company's IGBT is also gradually developing, and the loss of IGBT itself is also reducing

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