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LUZHENG Futures: there is still room under Shanghai Jiao after the resumption of trading limit

I. disk situation

although ru0811 and ru0901 were suspended for one day on the 8th, the main force of Japanese Jiao fell 16 yen to the limit again the day before yesterday, making Shanghai Jiao still under heavy pressure after the resumption of trading. As the limit fell for three consecutive trading days, ru0911 was forced to reduce its position in the previous period the day before yesterday, and the contract position fell by about half to 36046 hands. However, the pressure from the upstream market and the external market did not give any opportunity to HuJiao after the resumption of trading. From the perspective of policy, the futures price opened yesterday and remained closed at the limit of 16360 yuan, down 685 yuan or 4.02%. Short positions were closed in a small amount, with 3600 transactions within the day. By the close of trading, the position was 35902 hands, 144 hands lower than that at the beginning of trading. The air atmosphere in the venue is still strong

II. Market analysis

on Thursday, the global stock market rose slightly. It is expected that the United States, the European Union and China will cut the price urgently. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. chose the hydraulic universal testing machine. First of all, you should make clear what the equipment is used for material experiments. The interest rate has temporarily boosted the market. The Federal Reserve cut interest rates by 50 basis points to 1.5%, the European Central Bank cut interest rates by 50 basis points to 3.5%, and the Bank of England cut interest rates by 50 basis points to 4.5%. The domestic central bank has developed very rapidly in recent years. While reducing the one-year deposit and loan interest rate by 0.27 percentage points, it has reduced the bank deposit reserve ratio by 0.5 percentage points to 17%. Judging from the performance of the foreign exchange market, the easing of liquidity in a wide range seemed to put pressure on the high level of the US dollar, and the index fell from above 81.3 to below the 5-day moving average. Affected by it, the upstream crude oil market fluctuated lower in the electronic disk. At the closing of GMT + 8 afternoon, the main quotation of WTI December crude oil was $87.75/barrel, down slightly by $0.68

in the external market, the main Japanese rubber players tested 200 yuan support today, with sharp fluctuations. The main March contract opened higher in early trading and returned in vain, reaching 210.3 yen per day. After rising for the second time in midday trading, the futures price quickly fell to the integer figure of 200 yen, reaching 199.4 yen as low as possible. After the long and short competition, the futures price rebounded from the low point and closed at 206.9 yen, up slightly by 1.5 yuan or 0.73%. The shape of the K-line is a hammer with a long shadow and a strong willingness to support the short line

the spot market price continued to fall yesterday, dragged down by the sharp decline in the futures market. China rubber SCR5 suspended 353 tons, with an average price of 20581 yuan. The lowest price fell to 18000 yuan, and there was no deal. The transaction price of domestic bid 1 in various places is mostly about 19000 yuan/ton, and buying is still rare. The price of RSS3 cigarette glue from Thailand in October is 221 cents/kg, compared with 230 cents in the previous one

III. technical analysis and trading suggestions

based on the closing price of the last trading day before the holiday, rijiao has fallen by 25.1%, while HuJiao ru0901 has only fallen by nearly 14%. Combined with the performance of Shanghai Jiao after the compulsory position reduction, there is still room below in the short term, and empty orders continue to be held. Technically, the moving average diverges downward, the opening of MACD expands, and the downward channel remains complete. The ad valorem price fell below 1 in a continuous way × 2. In terms of the speed and inertia of the angle line, there may be some support in the interval. On the last trading day of this week, it is expected that Shanghai Jiaotong will still fall by the limit, so pay attention to the risks

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