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In addition to halogen, xenon and led, car headlights also have

there is a saying in the car circle that golden nine silver ten is a good time to buy a car. Regardless of whether this sentence is right or not, we can imagine what kind of car we will buy if we want to buy a car in the near future? When this problem is in front of car uncle, car uncle will choose a car with very beautiful headlights. It is said that Audi is a "lamp factory". Their headlights are fancy and beautiful. If they replace their LED headlights with halogen headlights, I'm afraid they will lose a lot of beauty! Besides, China, which has headlights, is in the forefront of the world in terms of graphene industrialization. Different types of headlights, how to choose your favorite headlights

first of all, let's see which lights we can choose. At present, headlights are mainly divided into halogen headlights, xenon headlights, LED headlights, laser headlights and digital headlights

halogen headlights

halogen headlights are the most common. Bulbs are common tungsten filament bulbs in daily life. The bulbs are filled with halogen gas to extend the service life of tungsten filament. The low price makes it very popular in the automotive industry, and it is also very easy to replace when it breaks down. However, its energy efficiency is relatively low, and its service life is not as long as that of LED headlights

xenon headlights

the name of xenon headlights is similar to that of halogen headlights. They all come from the gas in the bulb. Now the country resolutely implements the 46 article type of the State Council. However, the purpose of xenon is not to prolong the life of the "filament", but to produce light. There is no filament in the xenon headlamp, which generates light through the arc between the two electrodes. The purpose of using xenon is that it helps to generate arc at low temperature. The equipment of cannon is to mix raw materials with high pressure first. The arc is usually blue, so xenon headlights can also be easily identified on the road. Xenon headlights can be used for up to 10 years and are brighter than halogen headlights. However, the cost of xenon headlights is also higher. Compared with LED headlights, it is not energy-saving enough

led headlights

most people know led. Yes, LED headlights are simply light-emitting diodes. It is less complex than halogen headlights, and has relatively high efficiency and adjustability. This is because LED is a kind of semiconductor. As long as a small current passes through, it will light up. The service life of LED headlights is expected to be more than 10 years, but the time for LED headlights to be used in cars is not long, so the specific duration is unknown

laser headlights

light the headlights by emitting a laser on the phosphorus, then filter the released light through the lens, and then reflect the light out of the headlights to illuminate the road ahead. Compared with the early headlights, the laser headlights have hundreds of independently adjustable reflectors, which can be fine tuned to illuminate different areas of the road ahead. This means that laser headlamps are also adaptive headlamps

digital headlamp

this is a kind of headlamp that Mercedes Benz has been studying Rockwell hardness. They call it digital headlamp. This headlamp is currently in the conceptual stage. It is reported that the headlamp can project useful information onto the road ahead. Such as turning information, missing signs on the road, and even pedestrian zebra crossings. Having said that, Mercedes Benz has no idea how the digital headlights work and when they will be available

among the above headlights, halogen headlights were first used. As time goes on, drivers want to know their position in the dark more clearly. Subsequently, xenon headlights appeared, marking a major leap in the field of automotive lighting. However, LED headlights have become popular as manufacturers look for more energy-efficient electronic products in cars. With the popularity of LED headlights, on the basis of LED headlights, there is a matrix adaptive LED headlights, which can illuminate different areas on the road. Soon, Audi and BMW were equipped with more advanced laser headlights. Then there is the digital headlights of Mercedes Benz plan

laser headlights are undoubtedly the best lighting at present, but they can only be found on several new cars. The main reason is that they are too expensive. For example, the headlamp on the BMW I8 costs more than 5000 pounds to replace. Halogen headlights are the other extreme. They are very cheap and reliable. However, it lacks the appearance of technology and doesn't look so cool. Xenon headlights are brighter, and the blue light is also very beautiful, but its replacement cost is higher than halogen headlights

xenon headlights also have a longer life than halogen headlights, but not as long as LED headlights. LED headlights are the best choice in terms of brightness and economy. And adaptive LED headlights can also increase safety, which is a good choice. Of course, halogen headlights and laser headlights can also be made into adaptive headlights

Che Shu's summary

in the final analysis, halogen headlights are preferred for practicality. But choosing xenon headlights or LED headlights is not an expensive choice. If you like slightly cooler headlights, they are worth having. If you choose laser headlights, prepare a thick wallet. As for digital headlights, there is no choice. Wait

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