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LUZHENG Futures: PTA is in an consolidation state, maintaining a long thinking

I. market description

this week, pta805 is warmer and higher than last week, up 6. This week, it opened 8160, with a peak of 8260, a minimum of 8042, and a close of 8182. The trading volume is 215920, and the position is slightly higher than last week, an increase of 334 hands. Zhengzhou PTA closed with a negative line on Monday. Pta805 contract opened low at 8160 in the morning and finally closed at 8094 in the late afternoon, with 3626 positions reduced. On Tuesday, Zhengzhou PTA closed with a positive line. The pta805 contract opened higher at 8130 in the early trading, then fluctuated sideways, and closed at 8172 in the late trading, with an increase of 882 positions. The current development situation of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that there are low independent innovation ability and few high-end and personalized special varieties. Zhengzhou PTA closed with a negative line on Wednesday. Pta805 contract opened higher at 8188 in early trading, then rose and fell back, and finally closed at 8136 in late trading, with an increase of 1068 positions. On Thursday, Zhengzhou PTA closed with a bareheaded negative line. The pta805 contract opened higher at 8200 in the morning, and then contracted horizontally until the close. Finally, it closed at 8172 in the late afternoon, with 1904 positions increased. On Friday, Zhengzhou PTA closed with a medium positive line. The pta805 contract opened low at 8150 in the morning, and then adjusted sideways around the intraday average. After 2 o'clock, a wave of high volume and falling market was deduced, and then sideways to the close, and finally closed at 8176 in the late afternoon. The highest price of the day was 8216, and the lowest price was 8130, with 47706 transactions, 70878 positions, and 7186 positions reduced

II. Market causes

crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Futures Exchange (NYMEX) rose sharply this week, opening 105.11 this week, with a maximum of 110.98 and a minimum of 104.08, and closing at 110.07. The trading volume and position were 172508, up 4.93, because the yuan originally made of pc/abs polymer fell to a new low, encouraging hedge funds to buy more crude oil

pta market atmosphere generally decreased, and the shipping mentality increased slightly. Internal negotiation yuan/ton; The price of USD/ton is negotiated in the outer market, and the price of USD/ton is negotiated in the bonded goods

downstream situation: Polyester short-term market, Jiangsu and Zhejiang market turnover of around 11500, production and sales of 70-80%. Although the factory's reduction this time is due to the excessive promotion in the early stage, resulting in the adjustment after poor sales, in general, in this sensitive atmosphere, this will have some impact

polyester market, Shengze polyester market continues to adjust smoothly. Except that some manufacturers have slightly increased the operation of easy light FDY, most varieties can maintain stability, and the transaction focuses on light FDY and porous DTY. POY transaction is slightly weak. Traders maintain a wait-and-see attitude, with few purchases, and most of them adopt the operation strategy of selling as you go; The downstream weaving manufacturers are mostly cautious, because they have a certain inventory in the early stage, and their intention to cover positions is relatively weak

III. technical analysis

PTA fluctuated between 8042 and 8260 this week, and funds left the market one after another, with a strong wait-and-see atmosphere. But judging from the overall trend, the top of 8100 should still be relatively stable, Qin Tefu pointed out. The 10 day moving average supports the period price

IV. operation suggestions

maintain a long-term thinking, wait-and-see, and operate in short-term within a day

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