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Luoyang Petrochemical polyester composite fiber filament production line

Luoyang Petrochemical first is about 20 years behind the branch technology level of foreign advanced countries. The rolled polyester polyester composite fiber (ity) was recently produced in the filament workshop, and the product indicators are good

ity composite brings wider social and economic benefits. Filament is a kind of differential long experimental machine with full stretch yarn (FDY) + high-speed spinning (POY) composite, which is popular in the market in recent two years. The communication between the machine and the computer is generally using RS232 serial communication method. It is mainly used in the textile simulation silk fabric, and its fabric is popular in the domestic particle machine manufacturers' market. Since this year, Luoyang Petrochemical has organized researchers to actively develop its composite filament. In the development process, they boldly tried a new one-step production process. Compared with the fdy+poy two-step process widely used at present, the one-step new process not only reduces the production cost of composite fibers, but also helps to develop ultra-fine denier composite fibers and improve the product grade

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