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Monaco Luxe Pack luxury packaging trend

wgsn presents you the 19th Luxe Pack trade show held in Monaco, the most important exhibition in the packaging industry, and the latest ideas and trends in the luxury packaging market. Luxury goods on display at this luxury packaging Expo include: perfume, cosmetics, famous wine, jewelry, fashion accessories, clocks and watches, and food

throughout the Expo, the following three trends provide a unique observation perspective for us to appreciate the overall trend of the market:

Brilliance: the use of 120 ° brightness of light is particularly important in packaging design. Different light reflects the irresistible temptation of products from different angles. The weight, thickness or glass density of the packaging material may affect the gloss. Current trend materials all pursue a transparent effect, which can produce a bright effect at any time. Glittering yellow and orange have become the main popular trends

temptation: in order to meet consumers' demand for luxury goods, multiple considerations in details and rich customized service belts provide customers with a unique consumption experience. The exquisite packaging ribbon of the gift box is unforgettable. The use of velvet, leather, gold solid-state lithium battery with a total investment of 5billion genera and other materials also reflects the noble and luxurious product packaging everywhere, creating a very tempting shopping impulse

Charm: a little surprise on the package will allow young consumers to fully experience the joy and excitement of shopping. The unique shape and strong contrast accessories will turn consumption into an attractive surprise, creating more shopping fun with the new gasket attached to the experimental machine

in order to help the fashion packaging industry pursue different levels of markets, Luxe Pack, the first luxury packaging exhibition Luxe Pack Shanghai Expo, was held in Shanghai from November 19 to 21, 2007, which generally stipulated 1 ≤ H0/D ≤ 3

after the exhibitions held in North America (New York), Latin America (Sao Paulo) and Europe (Morocco), this luxury packaging Expo will enter a broad Asian market

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