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LUZHENG Futures: crude oil seeks 100 yuan support, and the weak trend of Shanghai oil continues

I. market description

the performance of crude oil electronic disk on Monday is still relatively weak. After opening low, continue to look for support downward and continue to try the 100 dollar integer figure. Shanghai oil company's performance is also the same as at the beginning, opening higher and going lower. The main contract 806 fell vertically after opening at 4193 yuan, and barely supported around 4150 before noon. However, it fell again in the afternoon opening, reaching 4140 yuan and closing at 4145 yuan, down 33 yuan from the previous trading day. The trading volume increased by 8538 hands, and the position also increased slightly by 7324 hands. From the shape of the daily K-line, the small Yin line with a bare head barely supports above the long-term average of the experimental machine, and the long-term upward channel has not been broken for the time being. However, the short-term moving average has crossed downward one after another, and the medium track of the brin channel has also been broken through, and the short-term support may continue to fall

II. Fundamental analysis

the settlement price of nymex5 monthly crude oil futures fell by $0.98, or 0.96%, to $100.86 a barrel, between $100.02 - $102.42 in the session

the rise of the US dollar and concerns about the U.S. economic recession have suppressed crude oil futures from selling back the gains recorded after the unexpectedly strong U.S. housing data was released. The National Association of realties (NAR) announced on the 24th that the sales of existing homes in the United States increased by 2.9% in February, with an annual rate of 5.03 million households, estimated at 4.85 million households, and remained at 4.89 million households after the annual rate was revised in January

Reuters reported on March 24 that China's apparent oil demand in February increased by 6.2% year-on-year to 7.23 million barrels per day, according to China's official data. Data show that China's apparent oil demand increased by 4.7% year-on-year to 7.2 million barrels per day in January and February 2008, indicating that China's demand increased

Wang Min, Vice Minister of the Ministry of land and resources, said that China's economy is 5 The initial growth goal of the experiment is to double the GDP by 2020, when China will face an oil shortage of about 6 billion tons. China will establish a strategic oil reserve of 12million tons by 2010, which is equivalent to the 30 day oil import volume from Nankai University

III. future research and judgment

for crude oil, from the fundamentals that it has been widely used in household appliances, communications, medical treatment, automotive electronics, solar photovoltaic, wind power generation and other fields for a long time, and the performance indicators of the whole series of products have reached the leading level at home and abroad, the demand is still strong, but in the short term, affected by negative factors, it will be difficult to make the oil price adjust and return to the trend of rapid rise, I think the trend of crude oil will be volatile and low. The fundamentals and technical aspects of Shanghai oil company are not likely to soar again, so it is still short-term. Pay attention to the support of channel off track within the day -- 4060 yuan

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