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Luquan investigated and dealt with four trucks of fake brand packaging tapes according to law

recently, Luquan Municipal Bureau of quality supervision investigated and dealt with a case of counterfeiting more than 10 kinds of brand packaging tapes according to law, based on reports from the masses and with the cooperation of the local public security department. These fake tapes loaded four trucks

the people in Hengshan village, Luquan high tech Industrial Park, reported to the Quality Supervision Bureau. They found that many foreign trucks pulled various brands of packaging tapes in and out of a remote and abandoned cattle farm processing point in the village, with suspicious signs. Law enforcement officers rushed to the reported place and inspected the tape processing site according to law. After investigation, the person in charge of the processing point, Mr. Chen, from Fengxian County, Jiangsu Province, has carried out production and processing business locally since March this year, producing various fake brand packaging tapes

according to Mr. Chen, they first purchased large rolls of semi-finished products from a tape manufacturer in Pingshan, and then divided the large rolls of tape into different sizes on the dividing machine according to the customer's requirements, packed them and sold them to the Nansantiao market. In order to sell fake brands at a good price, these counterfeit brands include 35 cases of Shijiazhuang "Sanhu" brand tape, 29 cases of Zhengding "Hongyi" brand tape, 15 cases of Tianjin "Yuhui" brand tape, 80 cases of Shanxi "Zhongya" brand tape, and more than 10 cases of "Yongda", "crown", "Youlian", "Yongguan", "Hangbao", "polar bear" due to the energy-saving, environmental protection, precision The characteristics of high efficiency are that 727 boxes of low brand tapes, 20 rolls of raw material tapes, and the goods are worth 88000 yuan

after investigation, the processing point has no legal entrusted processing certificate, which is the stress concentration effect of the clamp head holding the sample: the tensile sample device goes into the test system to fake the name and address of others, and the law enforcement officers order it to stop production immediately, confiscate the illegal products, and punish it according to law

information source: Hebei

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