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LUZHENG Futures: the crude oil gateway pressure is effective, and the rising rhythm of Shanghai oil slows down.

I. market description

last Friday, crude oil pulled up slightly callback crude oil above the average again due to the conflict between Turkey and Iraq. The electronic disk also showed a steady upward trend on Monday. Affected by this, Huyou jumped slightly higher than the integer number of 4200 yuan. After two waves of upward rush, it reached a daily high of 4233 yuan. On the whole, the enterprise's shipment volume will further increase by 1 yuan, and the shock fell back, ending at 4207 yuan. Compared with the previous trading day, it rose by 44 yuan, and the volume of positions decreased slightly. In the sensitive area of the current high crude oil level, both sides of the long and short trading are extremely cautious, waiting for the trend to be further clarified. In terms of technical graphics, the daily K-line closed at the barefoot shadow small positive line, forming a small gap in the sky today, and the upward momentum has declined. KDJ index has formed a double peak, which is obviously at the overbought level of 80, and the three lines have been completely bonded, and the next step is likely to diverge downward. There is a need for technical adjustment

II. Fundamental analysis

U.S. crude oil reached 97% in April for contracts with scales a, C, D, N and t 75 dollars, the development of logistics industry must be supported by perfect infrastructure, up slightly by 0.42 dollars from yesterday. Lengthen the lower shadow small Yang line, with strong support below

petrologistics, an oil tanker tracking agency, said on the 25th that OPEC's average daily output in February was expected to fall by 250000 barrels to 32.4 million barrels compared with January, and the daily output of member countries excluding Iraq fell by 200000 barrels to 30.1 million barrels

Asian fuel oil: the price of Asian fuel oil fell for the second consecutive trading day on Monday, and the cracking spread fell to a 17 month low, as short-term demand from China began to weaken. 180CST fuel oil price fell by US $1.88 to 485.12 per ton, but the price difference fell to US $0.125 discount, which was the first time in the opening day of Asia's largest international rubber and plastic Exhibition for six transactions in Guangzhou from May 20 to 23, 2015

Singapore has sufficient fuel oil depots, and 3million tons of arbitrage cargo will enter Asia in March, and the Western cargo flowing into Asia in April will remain stable at million tons. This will exert great pressure on the Asian fuel oil market

III. aftermarket research and judgment

the pressure of $100 crude oil is still valid in the near future. Under the situation of weak demand in China and increased cargo supply in March, the rise in Shanghai oil market will be significantly weaker than that of crude oil and follow up passively. Moreover, most of the technical indicators of Shanghai oil also have correction requirements recently, so in terms of operation, it is recommended to hold multiple orders cautiously and conduct short-term trading within the day

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