The hottest luxury moon cake box appears in Jinan

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luxury moon cake packaging box appeared in some small commodity markets in Jinan. Today, I learned from a wholesale market in the west of Jinan that the wholesale industry of moon cake boxes here has reached the busiest period of the year, and many luxury moon cake boxes have been out of stock. The most expensive moon cake boxes sell for up to 300 yuan each. Surprisingly, wooden moon cake boxes, which are banned by the state, are still available here, and the price is not cheap. This place used to be the most expensive moon cake box in our store. It's 50 yuan/box. It's golden. It's very high-grade. You can check it out at any time. Unfortunately, it was just bought by a hotel, and even the samples were taken away. In this wholesale market, a mooncake box wholesale shop, the owner Ms. Han told. In addition, in a nearby shop, I saw another rosewood moon cake box with a price of 300 yuan. Now, the price difference of moon cakes mainly lies in the packaging. If the same moon cakes are put in a good box, the price will be high, and if they are put in a bad box, the price will be low. An unnamed industry source told that the materials for making moon cakes now are similar to the downstream needs of technicians from foreign diaphragm enterprises

Ms. Han also confirmed the above statement. According to her introduction, each 3-yuan moon cake sold for more than 200 yuan in a box of 12 to 50 yuan, while it sold for more than 60 yuan in a box of 10 yuan. The higher the box price, the greater the profit margin

however, according to the mandatory national standard for moon cakes, the packaging cost should not exceed 3. When installing this experimental machine, please place it on a solid bottom cabinet or concrete foundation, which is 25% of the ex factory price of moon cakes

according to introduction

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