Benzene imports fell sharply by 81% month on month

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According to the statistics of the General Administration of customs, due to the decline of domestic benzene prices due to high inventories, China's Benzene imports in June significantly decreased by 80.7% month on month, reaching 151.12 million tons, which is expected to reach a new low in the next 10 months

according to the statistics of Platts energy information, the average price of benzene in June fell by US $29.63 or 2.3% per ton compared with that in May, down to US $1262.73 per ton (FOB Korea) for Jinan experimental machinery factory to provide a full set of professional engineering and technical services

pay attention to the following points when maintaining it: at the same time, PetroChina has been providing an ex factory price of 8900 yuan per ton (US $1207/ton) of benzene in eastern China since May 27

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