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In addition to who else, the intelligent information kiosk based on industrial computer can help you

but now when everyone has problems or needs help outside, they will inquire through it, which seems to be omnipotent. Of course, it's really a know it all, but who can we rely on when we're in the city without electricity or when we're not around and can't find it? Intelligent kiosks based on industrial computers can help you

nowadays, all regions are vigorously promoting the construction of smart cities. As an organic part of the grand blueprint of smart city, smart kiosks are now widely used and promoted everywhere, playing a significant role in building an efficient, convenient, humanized and intelligent smart city. So what is urban smart kiosks

the so-called smart information kiosk is a self-service terminal device that is placed in public places such as urban central areas, residential communities or prosperous business blocks, and uses computer information network technology, touch screen technology, information query technology, and multimedia technology to provide public welfare information and value-added services for the society. It can realize the functions of government affairs publicity, public welfare publicity, advertising, information query, value-added services and so on

the realization of various functions and tasks of the above smart kiosk requires its control system platform to be efficient, stable and reliable. Because the smart kiosks are located in outdoor environment and the environment is relatively harsh, the smart kiosks must also operate continuously for 24 hours. Therefore, industrial embedded motherboards with high quality, high reliability and high security must be selected

as a leading brand in the industrial computer industry, the relevant industrial grade embedded provided by North China Industrial Control for the smart kiosk has embarked on the path of entrepreneurship and innovation, and the motherboard can meet the hardware requirements of the smart kiosk embedded industrial computer. The relevant embedded industrial control motherboard provided by North China industrial control has the following significant advantages:

1 Industrial quality, high reliability, ruggedness and durability, able to withstand the harsh environment such as external wind and sun, and can work 24 hours a day

2. With wide temperature characteristics, it can adapt to the harsh outdoor high and low temperature environment, which is necessary for outdoor smart information kiosks

3. The dust outside has a great impact on the equipment. The industrial computer of North China industrial control adopts the fully sealed, fan free design, and the unique patented ice wing structure design, which solves the heat dissipation problem well

4. The friction of smart information is relatively large. The kiosk is equipped with LED, LCD display, surveillance camera, power supply module, communication module, QR code scanning, LPC control unit, etc., which requires a large number of interfaces. The mainboard of North China industrial control has reserved a sufficient number of various interfaces, which can connect a variety of external equipment

5. Smart kiosks need a lot of data transmission. The Gigabit Ethernet of the industrial computer hardware of North China industrial control can support network communication and can be extended to support 3G wireless access. The fast data transmission capability of this system can meet the management, maintenance and upgrading of a large amount of data

6. A very important function of the smart kiosk is to carry out public service publicity and advertisement broadcasting, which has high requirements for the function of multimedia broadcasting. The industrial computer hardware of North China industrial control can support multimedia playback function, adapt to the changes of multi format content and multi type display, and support remote real-time management of broadcast information

7. North China industrial control industrial computer hardware, its system (1) panel display function has high scalability, and can provide customers with flexible and diverse terminal solutions. This is very important for the subsequent system upgrade and function expansion of the smart kiosk

as an organic part of building a smart city, the significance of using smart kiosks as little as possible is obvious. Therefore, at present, many domestic cities are actively building their own smart kiosks. In addition, smart kiosks have also become a business card of urban informatization, science and technology, and intelligence. To this end, North China industrial control, the leader in the field of industrial computers, is also actively supporting the smart kiosk control system with high-quality embedded industrial computers, and fully promoting the application and promotion of smart kiosks everywhere

Introduction to North China industrial control:

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