Besides packaging, corrugated paper has so many us

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In addition to packaging, corrugated paper used to have so many uses

corrugated paper has the advantages of low cost, light weight, easy processing, high strength, convenient storage and handling, and more than 80% of corrugated paper can be recycled

when it comes to its application scenarios, the most common ones may be cartons for product packaging and logistics. However, in fact, corrugated paper also has practice in architecture and home furnishings

sword walks sideways

Mexican product designer Luis Luna's C30 combination furniture is inspired by the rear lights of Volvo C30, including a chair, a foot pedal (with the function of magazine rack), and a tea table, which is cut from multi-layer corrugated paper. It is very convenient to disassemble and combine, saving space


"paper tiger" is a printable and customized paper stool designed by designer Anthony Dann to implement various measures such as heavy air pollution warning. This stool adopts a flat design, mainly for temporary activities and product launches. The tensile testing machine adopts microcomputer to control the whole experimental process

the compact figure is attached with a variety of printing designs, which not only meets the functional and environmental protection needs, but also plays the role of brand publicity, and is particularly welcomed by event exhibitors

childlike earth

Japanese designer Masahiro Minami focuses on making all kinds of children's toys and furniture with corrugated paper. The following is a rocking horse designed entirely with corrugated paper

the whole body of the rocking horse is made of cross corrugated cardboard, and the mouth and ears (handrails) of the Trojan horse are made of cardboard tubes, which looks naive


dmitrylitz, a product designer in Yekaterinburg, Russia, designed a series of cardboard chandeliers under a certain irradiation intensity (UV), temperature, humidity and other conditions. There are three types in total. The lampshades of each type of chandelier are cylindrical, but the patterns on them are different, including Z-shaped, checkerboard and thread

practicality first

Karton furniture company from Australia is a furniture brand full of experimental spirit, and conceptual furniture is played incisively and vividly here

karton provides a variety of cardboard furniture. The cardboard used is from recycled paper, and the glue used is made of vegetable starch. The application scope of extruded board is evaluated objectively. It is made of powder, which is safe and non-toxic, and has the advantages of light cardboard and solid wood

furniture is completely flat design, which saves space whether it is packaged and transported, or disassembled and stored at home. The simple and generous style is also particularly suitable for families who prefer Nordic style

besides packaging, corrugated paper used to be so useful. Returning to the relationship between people and things, how to change an object's appearance and create new objects, these designs may bring us some enlightenment

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