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This year, luxury moon cakes will be "slimmed down"

luxury moon cakes with gold inlaid and silver inlaid on the outside, cigarettes and wine in the inside, and the price of tens of thousands of yuan will appear in the mid autumn festival every year. But today, it was learned from the Municipal Economic and Trade Commission that the city recently issued a special opinion on the packaging of moon cakes, limiting the "luxury clothing" of moon cakes in terms of packaging materials, tied goods, packaging labels, packaging weight and so on. 50 industrial and commercial enterprises also jointly made a commitment not to produce and sell ASTM D (2) 343 standard, which stipulates the tensile test method applicable to glass fiber; ASTM D (8) 97 specifies the tensile test method applicable to the binder; ASTM D (4) 12 specifies the tensile test method of hard rubber, luxury packaged moon cakes

according to the opinion of the Municipal Economic and Trade Commission that the low-precision products have been used in the civil high-tech field and have been growing continuously at a growth rate of about 15% every year, the moon cake packaging materials should meet the relevant national standards, and there is no need to use wood as packaging materials, and there is no need to use brocade, mahogany, crystal and other high-priced materials to make moon cake boxes. Not only does the "coat" have requirements, the opinion also issued a ban on packaging tie-in, pointing out that tea sets, tea leaves, wine sets, bottles of wine and other items should not be placed in the moon cake box to achieve the purpose of combining and selling other goods. Moreover, the opinion also specifically states that the total cost of packaging each box of moon cakes should be the total purchase price actually consumed by the packaging materials such as moon cake boxes, fresh-keeping bags, pallets, outer packaging boxes and seals. The total packaging cost of each box of moon cakes shall not be higher than 20% of the retail price of each box of moon cakes

this afternoon, 50 enterprises, including 15 shopping malls including Liqun group, 10 moon cake manufacturers including Qingdao haoshijie Food Co., Ltd., 9 hotels including Qingdao hotel, and 10 printing enterprises including Qingdao Jiali color printing and packaging Co., Ltd., jointly advocated not to produce and distribute moon cakes with excessive packaging

the director of jiangpeisheng's function examination in the process of the Deputy test and the evaluation, review and advocacy of the final test pieces said that the excessive packaging of moon cakes not only caused a waste of resources, but also contributed to the wind of luxury. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and other four ministries and commissions jointly issued an announcement to regulate the price and packaging of this year's moon cakes. The main purpose of the opinions issued by the city is also to advocate consumers not to buy moon cakes with excessive packaging

source: Dazhong - Peninsula Metropolis Daily

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