Secrets that cannot be said about home decoration

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Speaking of decoration, it is estimated that many people think their heads are big. Even if your decoration is not bad for money, we should also know some hidden rules. After all, no one's money comes from the wind. If you spend money on the blade, there is a higher cost-effective decoration, why not? Xiaobian will disclose those unspeakable secrets in the decoration to you

1. Room measurement: if you are not an expert, you can find a foreman to measure your room directly. The result is to tell him, come on, brother, I'm a fool with too much money! Before measuring the house, it's best to find out the house type map by yourself and measure it by yourself. If it's not very accurate, at least measure it by eight or nine (don't tell me you can't use a ruler). Most foremen start their work by measuring the room, which is related to your package quotation for demolition or painting. More meters means more money

2. Material selection: when looking for Light Industry auxiliary materials for decoration, the main materials recommended by the designer or foreman are not necessarily bad, but they must be the most profitable. Of course, if it's similar to the main material level (quality, price, etc.) you see, you can still use it, saving him money from other places. If you choose a brand of main materials, the manufacturer will install them. Discuss the dosage and effect with the foreman in advance, and keep an eye on him carefully. Don't replace genuine products with counterfeit ones

3. Water and electricity transformation: as we all know, this project is a part of the decoration budget that is difficult to control, and it is also the favorite place of unscrupulous foremen. Now the water circuits are all dark grooves, and you can often see some water circuit pipelines like spider webs, because if you walk one meter more, you will pay one meter more. OK, you know. Before the transformation, we must have a clear idea of how to walk the pipeline. It is best to let the foreman draw the circuit diagram first. According to the type of wall in the home and the safety standard of water circuit, reasonable slotting wiring should be carried out

4. Construction: find guerrillas to decorate, and if there is no supervision, you will have no plug-in, so you must personally supervise the construction process, no matter how big or small, because a little negligence may cause irreparable losses in the future. It's best to understand all kinds of crafts before decoration, and ask all the things you can't understand. If waterproof, pressure test must be done; Before tiling, the foreman must soak the bricks for one night; The paint was carefully brushed several times, etc

5. The price is fishy: you must agree on the price before starting the construction. Don't make an extra hole in the wall during the construction process. It's embarrassing for you to ask for money. The construction project must also be made clear in advance, so that the foreman can make a quotation after knowing the house type. Otherwise, after giving the money, I will tell you that it needs to be changed here because of the structure of your home. I didn't see it before. If I don't change it, I can't guarantee to use it normally &hellip& hellip; Such threatening marketing will really make you cry

6. Environmental protection: Well, everyone on earth knows that talking about environmental protection with the construction team is tantamount to casting pearls before swine. The main materials are environmentally friendly. What about putty? What about jointing agent and glue? OK, it's basically tasteless. You must open the window for ventilation for more than 1 month

7. After sales: you must bless that the problem can be found after one month of installation, otherwise it is really difficult for him to repair it for you. Besides, if you can still find it. Therefore, there must be surplus of main materials after decoration, which must be retained. Prepare a little glass glue, foam glue and so on, and try to fix it when there are very small problems





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