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After a busy day, walk into your carefully arranged bathroom and take a bath of salt. You can lie in the fragrant foam and listen to music, talk on the phone with friends, turn a few pages of your favorite magazines leisurely, and even eat some snacks. This is the most enjoyable space to enjoy life

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of course, modern people's requirements for bathing are no longer limited to simply cleaning the body. When the requirements for health and comfort are becoming stronger and stronger, the traditional bathtubs have also undergone various changes

ancient wooden bathtubs have only been seen in ancient costume films on TV. They usually appear together with steaming steam, petals and beautiful women, so the impression of wooden bathtubs in people's minds is also romantic and beautiful

the massage bathtub can massage the body through water circulation and spraying at the same time of bathing, providing people with more comfortable bathing enjoyment. With the progress of technology, people don't have to worry about scaling blocking the massage nozzle anymore, because now most of the nozzles of the massage bathtub can be removed for cleaning

Jacuzzi belong to the product of Thai bathroom culture. At present, the fashionable bathtub has a variety of shapes, which is enough to dazzle you. The shape of the bathtub is no longer the traditional oval shape, but has appeared such as round, heart-shaped, fan-shaped, diamond shaped and so on. The interior of the bathtub is no longer an empty white porcelain world; Cushions, handrails and various designs that fit the body position make the bathtub look like a delicate work of art

the difference between the latest fashionable spa massage bathtub and ordinary bathtub is that it uses water to stimulate all parts of the human body to achieve the effect of water massage. The spa spray nozzles arranged in clusters are specially used to massage the muscles that are prone to fatigue such as the shoulders,

each nozzle can also be opened and closed independently with your fingers to adjust the weight of the massage parts you need; The vortex nozzle becomes very important in providing a uniform, comfortable and lasting large-area massage for the tired back and shoulders. The powerful power of the water pump brings people the best spa massage effect; The double reflux device makes the water circulation more pleasant, ensures the water source of the nozzle, and also prevents damage caused by strong suction; Thousands of heating bubbles generated by ten nozzles distributed at the bottom of the cylinder make the spa wider and make the legs, feet and arms feel extremely comfortable; The newly designed diversion handle makes the flushing form arbitrary, and all these fashionable designs make the water bath more comfortable and comfortable

the new design of surfing makes many people pick up the fun of bathing again

at night, turn off the light in the bathroom, and feel the joy of the water gradually reaching knee, waist and shoulder. In the fragrant foam, the looming water waves reflect a magical curve, but there is no trace to touch. A butterfly lighter than the Air flies around in the transparent air. This pleasant feeling brought by the change of water is difficult to express in words

this kind of bathtub, which is clean inside and outside and does not need to be against the wall or specially placed in the bathroom, is called an independent bathtub. The biggest difference between it and ordinary bathtubs is that it does not need to build a platform, or even a skirt. Its unique effect is loved by some avant-garde young people. But to enjoy the fun of an independent bathtub, you should work hard for "independence" when decorating

the history of independent bathtubs is as long as human beings develop bathing habits. Like the collective unconscious creation of all mankind, from ancient Rome to the prosperous Tang Dynasty in China, this independent bathing has always been a favorite way from nobles to ordinary people. It is conceivable that when we lie naked inside, the warm water gently touches our body. In the singing and dancing of the water, the outside world is completely separated from our own body. The semi weightless state allows the nerves to relax, and the consciousness gradually drifts. At this moment, it seems that we have returned to the mother again. The independent bathtub is the most vivid imitation of the parent environment

over time, the material of the independent bathtub has also changed from wood to cast iron and ceramics, and there have been many changes in shape, but there is only one purpose: to make bathing more comfortable. In addition to natural temperament, it has a classical charm. In its arms, bathing has become a matter that requires patience, and it takes you a long time to savor it

the independent bathtub has very high requirements for space. At least your room can provide the bathtub with a usable area of more than two square meters. Of course, there is not enough space. Japanese style wooden barrels can be the best choice, and it occupies a relatively small area





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