Effect drawing of 148 square Chinese decoration of

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Decoration area: Poly Huadu

decoration area: 148 square meters

decoration style: Chinese style

house type: four bedrooms, two halls, two bathrooms

project cost: about 150000

Design Description:

customers are mainly engaged in medical equipment People pay more attention to details I like reading books

and pursue the development of the times

but usually travel a lot

I hope to have a traditional Chinese cultural charm at home Feel at home, warm, comfortable, modern

adopted in the design Solid wood furniture (mainly camphor wood) flooring adopts European oak Light grey mesh stone Furniture color is brown paint...

decoration company: Wuhan face to face decoration Co., Ltd.

decoration bidding: http://www.whjzw.net/zb/

living room Mainly solid wood furniture, plus seven horses on the wall Highlight Chinese culture...

the study adopts a semi open approach Let the living room space vision more open At the same time, I want to combine with the living room The contrast of cold and warm colors Make the tone of the whole space softer

leisure area The tea ceremony of traditional Chinese culture Just use retro wood grain bricks





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