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It is too late for the United States to find out that it is too late to buy five precision machine tools back to China with tens of millions of dollars. Looking at the current major military powers, Russia must be among them. With the military weapons inherited from the former Soviet Union and advanced military technology, Russia is enough to rank among the military powers. But what makes us wonder is that even though the Russian military industry technology is so mature, there is no Russian machine tool brand among the world's well-known machine tool brands. Why

in fact, the lack of Russian machine tool technology is an old problem left over from the former Soviet Union. During the cold war, although the heavy industry in the Soviet Union was very developed, this development model was extensive. Coupled with the unique national atmosphere during the cold war and the national blockade, the lack of communication with the outside world in science and technology has led to the backwardness of its precision manufacturing industry, including precision machine tools

in the last century, the former Soviet Union obtained five machine tools through "special means", which made a qualitative leap in its military level. This incident caused quite a stir at that time. So, how important is precision machine tool to a country

in fact, many heavy weapons are made by machine tools, and precision machine tools are even more important to the country. Because precise machine tools can ensure the high accuracy of data, so as to ensure that the quality of combat weapons can withstand the test of war. It is no exaggeration to say that precision machine tools support a country's military technology. Without the cooperation of machine tools, tanks and aircraft cannot be built, and the manufacturing difficulty of precision machine tools is no less than that of tanks. Therefore, only a few countries can produce precision machine tools

the former Soviet Union, which had little experience in this field, could only buy technology from other countries. At that time, Japan had this technology. Although Japan's precision machine tool technology was not as advanced as that of the United States, it was still one of the best in the world at that time. However, this is the first time that the scientific community has used all its energy to push a macro object and realize macro driving. In view of the world situation at that time and the special relationship between Japan and the United States, the former Soviet Union adopted a quite "smart" method, that is, avoiding Japan's high-level military and choosing to contact Japan's private enterprises

as the largest military industry enterprise in Japan, Toshiba naturally attracted the attention of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union quickly established relations with tens of millions of dollars, bribed the top management within the government and Toshiba, and used the guise of "developing the h+ in the solution of private enterprises at this time, that is, the amino binding industry in the molecules", in order to reduce the attention of the top management in Japan and the United States. Finally, the former Soviet Union successfully obtained five precision machine tools

in terms of the impact of these five machine tools, the Soviet Union and later Russia were the biggest beneficiaries. Through these machine tools, Soviet technicians immediately produced corresponding weapon accessories and applied them to heavy weapons. In particular, the submarine technology, the submarine propeller produced by these precision machine tools, has greatly reduced the noise of the submarine and greatly improved its concealment. The oppressive position of the United States in submarines was also challenged, because the United States found that the submarines of the Soviet Union became difficult to detect and really became a "deep-sea ghost", which also put the United States in a passive situation

the occurrence of the "Toshiba incident" has also caused great anger among the Japanese and US high-level officials. Even the Japanese government has pleaded for mercy for Toshiba. The United States has imposed sanctions on Toshiba for nearly three years, and most of the high-level officials within Toshiba have been forced to step down. However, even so, it is too late because the incident has already occurred

the Soviet Union spent only tens of millions of dollars to acquire such important technologies, so that the load that could be reached by each load was basically unchanged, and successfully applied these technologies to practice, which greatly improved the combat effectiveness of its army. Moreover, judging from the current Russian machine tool technology, although it has not reached the top level in the world, Russia still relies on the five machine tools of that year to manufacture many heavy weapons. Russia can be said to be the biggest beneficiary of this incident by getting such a big return at a very small cost

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