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Top 10 trends of China's coating consumption in 2010

operation is convenient before the impact testing machine is stopped. Now this is a fast-moving society and new Consumerism: Top 10 trends of China's coating consumption in 2010

2010, China is in a post crisis era. Compared with other countries, China may recover its economy as soon as possible, but after this round of global financial turmoil, the entire international economic environment is changing. First of all, The golden age of China's export is likely to become history, which will inevitably lead to the crisis and transformation of China's low value-added and labor-intensive enterprises. When the main force helps plastic manufacturers regenerate the usually "non renewable" composite film, it is also the arrival of the era when Chinese consumers tighten their belts; Secondly, as the competition pattern of the domestic coating market is changing, under the crisis, the international brands that used to occupy the high-end market are also starting to march towards the middle and low end. In this context, what new trends will appear in the coating consumer group in 2010? Through the research and investigation of Chinese consumers, the author of HC can sum up the following 10 trends and 4 market opportunities

first, consumers have entered an era of full participation. Today's consumers, regardless of whether they consume the products of enterprises or not, should also make comments. Consumers are no longer passive. They hope to have a dialogue with enterprises at any time. They do not believe in authority, but rather in intuition and public praise. This indicates that the era of integration of production and marketing has come

second, new health consumption is rising. Affected by melamine, H1N1, etc., consumers' attention to health has increased dramatically, and they prefer products with natural and environmental protection concepts. Coating enterprises' establishment of a healthy and environmental protection brand image will bring more market opportunities to products

third, the refined life trend of civilians appears. For coating consumers at this stage, they do not have to buy high-end brand coating products to show their exquisite life. Instead, they can get the exquisite living space they want with a little effort. For example, as long as you are creative in a beautifully decorated and comfortable home, everything is possible, because now we all know that the so-called famous brands and non famous brands are just a lot of advertising, The product quality is almost the same. Therefore, a new civilian coating consumer market has emerged in China, that is, a market where coating products can meet the needs of middle-income but fashionable consumers and meet their purchasing power. High end coating brands will compete at the high and low ends. In order to meet the tide of "national refinement", the world's top coating brands must adjust their corresponding market strategies, Launch products that meet the next step of the consumer market

fourth, rapid living society and rapid consumption are emerging. China's consumer society is in a fast-moving society. The pursuit of efficiency and speed and the lack of enough patience are the new manifestations of consumers. Therefore, the consumption of fast food, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, online shopping, credit cards, shopping cards and so on has been highly recognized. In this concept, I think the use function of paint products has increased its quick check-in and use function

fifth, the rise of women's consumption power. According to data, over the past two decades, the income of American women has increased by 63%, while that of men has remained unchanged (+0.6%). In 55 percent of American households, women earn half or more of the total household income. In addition, this growth is accelerating due to the advancement of women in education. Relevant data show that in the United States, women control about 80% of consumption expenditure, accounting for 2/3 of the national GDP. According to the statistics of the third census of China, women account for 48.7% of China's population. Among them, young and middle-aged women with strong consumption ability and greater impact on consumption account for about 21% of the total population. At the same time, under the overall situation of macroeconomic structure adjustment and transformation promotion, a survey shows that in household consumption behavior, women often act as the "Chief Purchasing Officer" of the family. Especially in consumer goods such as home building materials, the wife plays the leading role

sixth, consumers are more in pursuit of New Sensualism and brand experience. The attention of coating consumer groups to products is no longer at the primary stage of listening to what painters say is good or seeing TV advertisements say is good. Now, entering the brand experience store and participating in enterprise experience activities have become important measures for consumers to understand coating consumption. At the same time, the significance of experiential design of store terminals for brands is becoming more and more prominent

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