Top 10 textile industry clusters won special award

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10 textile industry clusters won special incentive funds of Hubei Province recently, Hubei Provincial Commission of economy and information technology and the Provincial Department of Finance jointly announced the list of key growth industry clusters of the province in 2011. Among them, 10 textile industry clusters will share the special incentive funds of 100 million yuan in the province

the 10 textile industry clusters are: Jiahai garment industry cluster in Huangpi District, Wuhan, Huangshi garment industry cluster A, Xiangyang textile industry cluster in Fancheng District, Shashi District, Jingzhou, Zhijiang Aomei medical textile industry cluster, Hanchuan textile and garment industry cluster, Yingshan cocoon and silk textile industry cluster, Xianning Xian'an ramie textile industry cluster Chibi textile and garment industry cluster and Xiantao PENGCHANG non-woven fabric industry cluster

it is understood that Hubei Province has started the annual assessment and review of key growth industrial clusters since 2008, and has allocated no less than 100million yuan each year to reward and support key industrial clusters. According to the opinions of the provincial people's Government on promoting the development of industrial clusters and the Trial Measures for the management of key growth oriented industrial clusters in Hubei Province, Hubei Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, together with the Provincial Department of finance, organized experts to examine and evaluate the key growth oriented industrial clusters and newly declared clusters in 2010. With the consent of the provincial people's government, 67 industrial clusters were identified as key growth oriented industrial clusters in Hubei Province in 2011

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