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The rise in the price of packaging raw materials burns the beverage production enterprises

the highest price rise of raw materials is 40%, which may reduce the industry profit by 20%

"compared with the same period last year, the unit price per ton of pet, the packaging raw material accounting for about 50% of the cost of beverage products, has increased by more than 30%. Now, the price of PET material rises and falls, affecting the nerves of all beverage production enterprises." A purchasing director of a large beverage enterprise sighed to

with the soaring price of petrochemical products, the unit price of edible PET materials per ton soared from 7500 yuan to nearly 14000 yuan. The buyer said that now he is thinking about how to buy pet materials as cheaply as possible every day

recently, Coca Cola, Master Kong, uni president, Jianlibao and other beverage giants revealed to this newspaper that deep-processing petrochemical products such as plastic bottles, labels, bottle caps and so on increased by up to 40%, which directly stimulated the sharp increase in production costs and may affect the decline of industry profits by 20% this year

it is reported that in view of the intense competition in the beverage market this summer, beverage enterprises do not reduce prices, but instead strengthen internal cost control and tighten their "pants" to tide over the difficulties

the price of raw materials has risen, and the production cost has soared.

"for a 600 ml bottle of beverage, plastic bottles are worth pondering. Packaging materials such as labels and caps account for more than half of the product cost, and their price fluctuations have become one of the key factors determining the manufacturer's profits." Robust's responsibility for humanity has reached a consensus among its beverage peers

some insiders even believe that the rise in pet prices is directly related to whether some enterprises can achieve their predetermined sales targets this year

it is learned that since the bottles, caps and compressed film labels of bottled and barreled water are made of deeply processed petrochemical products - edible PET materials, the price rise of crude oil and chemical products directly leads to the price rise of PET materials

the price of crude oil futures in New York market once rose to a record high in the past 24 years, while PET materials once climbed to a high of nearly 14000 yuan per ton from the usual unit price of yuan per ton. According to incomplete statistics, the price of PET raw materials rose by more than 30% from the end of last year

caichongbo, general manager of Guangzhou Dingjin Food Co., Ltd., pointed out that a ton of PET raw materials can produce more than 33000 bottles. Due to the rising price of raw materials, the direct cost of each box of beverages (24 bottles) has increased by 7 yuan. In other words, the raw material price of each bottle of beverage, the working principle of the spring tension tester reducer: the lattice is increased by 0.3 yuan. A bottle of drinks priced at 2.5 yuan has increased the cost by 0.3 yuan, which means that the profit has been greatly reduced

the business of beverage packaging manufacturers is booming

in contrast, the business of domestic beverage packaging manufacturers is exceptionally prosperous

in the domestic beverage industry, many large manufacturers have their own bottle blowing equipment, but only when the bottle blowing equipment operates at full load, can the manufacturers effectively control the production cost of PET bottles. Therefore, most manufacturers purchase edible PET bottles from professional beverage packaging manufacturers. Beverage packaging manufacturers make money by changing hands

it is reported that many packaging manufacturers purchased their main pet materials before the price reached a record high, but the current sales price of their products is not low. Manufacturers' profits are guaranteed to a certain extent, and they have not yet felt great pressure

Zhuhai Zhongfu's latest report for the first quarter of 2004 showed that its net profit in the first quarter increased by more than 40% year-on-year over the same period last year, reaching 38.937 million yuan. The announcement analyzed the main reasons for the increase in net profit, pointing out that the beverage market has experienced a restorative growth, and the sales price of products has increased compared with last year. However, Zhuhai Zhongfu has realized the impact of the price rise of raw materials on its future operations, so it stressed in the announcement that "effectively controlling costs and saving money if you get a plastic product" should be the top priority

beverage manufacturers take precautions

the rise in the price of raw materials has really troubled the majority of beverage manufacturers. It is reported that some small and medium-sized enterprises began to struggle because of the rising prices of major raw materials. Many large enterprises are digesting the cost pressure internally through large-scale procurement

some beverage enterprises that mainly blow their own bottles began to save costs in all aspects. Caichongbo, general manager of Guangzhou Dingjin Food Co., Ltd., pointed out that the cost of products has intensified, and the market competition this year is particularly fierce, and the input of manufacturers has greatly increased. "Master Kang saves everything from electricity control to human resource allocation, and creates the lowest possible cost for himself."

Yan Weirong, deputy general manager of the technology center of Guangdong Jianlibao group, also said that Jianlibao was reducing expenditure by implementing budget management

in addition, some beverage enterprises that supply PET bottles online with large packaging manufacturers are trying to maintain their bulk procurement advantages

according to ye Qien, the sales and marketing director of Guangdong Swire Coca Cola, Coca Cola mainly purchases from large bottlers such as Zhuhai Zhongfu. As a long-term partner, packaging manufacturers did not immediately transfer the rising purchase price to bulk trading partners, but Swire will "squeeze profits from internal management"

Liwenjie, deputy general manager of the South China headquarters of uni president enterprise (China) Investment Co., Ltd., said that outsourced bottles and self blowing bottles account for half of uni president products respectively. Uni president will adjust the proportion of outsourcing and self-produced products according to the market situation, and strive to reduce the risks caused by the price rise of raw materials through bulk purchase, futures purchase and other forms

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