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Packaging printing is impressive (Part 1)

as one of the four printing methods, although it is known as the all-round printing method, it has not been paid attention to by people. In people's minds, India is synonymous with "backwardness". When people mention India, they always associate it with the production mode of manual workshop. In fact, it's not what it used to be. In the past 20 years, with the continuous emergence and application of new materials and new technologies, printing technology has also experienced many changes. There has been great progress in equipment, materials and process technology, which has further promoted the promotion and application of printing in packaging and printing. So, what kind of brand-new appearance does today's seal show in front of us? What new breakthroughs and progress has it made in the field of packaging and printing? How to correctly evaluate its position and role in the field of packaging and printing? To this end, we interviewed Mr. zhengdehai, a printing expert, Mr. He Yisong, deputy general manager of Dongguan Hucai Printing Co., Ltd., and Mr. Nie Xiaoan, the Technology Department of Zhejiang Meinong silk printing Co., Ltd. let's listen to the guests' insightful views

accumulation is not what it used to be.

as the saying goes, "you should look at it with new eyes after three days of separation", this sentence is appropriate to describe the rapid development of India. After years of experience and development, today's India is by no means comparable to yesterday. Mr. zhengdehai was very impressed with this. He pointed out that more than 20 years ago, China's printing industry was still very backward. Since the 1980s, printing technology has made great progress. Printing equipment has developed from manual and semi-automatic to high-speed and full-automatic. The application field has also expanded from the initial printing and simple circuit board printing to the current multi-color overprint and precision high-end packaging and decoration printing

1. New equipment, performance is improving

at present, the high-end printing equipment in the market mainly includes two categories: roller printing machine and rotary transfer machine. The full-automatic drum printing machine is the preferred model for packaging printing because of its accurate overprint and fast speed. It is also a model widely used in the domestic packaging printing industry at present. The full-automatic drum printing machine of Shanghai San printing machine and Japan Sakurai are among them. Rotary printing should be the direction of future development. With the development of packaging industry towards high quality, high efficiency and diversification, rotary printing machine will become a new favorite in the domestic packaging printing market

compared with the traditional low-end printing equipment, the common characteristics of these high-end equipment are: high degree of automation, fast speed, high precision, reliable performance, simple operation, greatly improved printing quality and stability, which is very suitable for the mass production of high-end products

according to Mr. Zheng, the full-automatic roller printing machine has a high share in the domestic market. At present, there are about 400 sets put into use in China, and the printing speed is between 3000 ~ 3600 sheets/hour, while the speed of the full-automatic rotary printing machine is faster, which can reach 3000 ~ 5000 revolutions/hour

2. With the development of science and technology, a variety of new printing inks have emerged, such as imitation metal etching ink, ice flower ink, fluorescent ink, phosphorescent ink, refractive ink, liquid crystal ink, gold sand ink, pearlescent ink, temperature variable ink, light variable ink, water variable ink, etc., which has played a role in promoting the development of printing in the field of packaging and printing

printing has a wide range of applicability to inks. The application of various novel inks makes printing products increasingly diversified, various effects are ever-changing, and various patterns emerge in endlessly, such as UV local glazing, sanding, pearlescent, refraction, ice flower, wrinkle, foaming, anti-counterfeiting, etc., which can be described as colorful

according to general manager he Yisong, when printing the cover of a notebook, Tiger color adopts the following methods: use printing method to print a layer of pearlescent ink on the coated paper, and then overprint some patterns locally, so that the product looks like it is printed with pearlescent paper, and the cost is greatly reduced

3. It has been widely used and its status has been gradually improved.

for a long time, offset printing, gravure printing and flexographic printing have been playing an important role in the field of packaging printing. However, due to the wide variety of packaging products, unique shapes and many special requirements, it provides a broad stage for printing to show its skills. At present, printing has been widely used in paper packaging, metal packaging, plastic packaging, glass packaging and other fields, especially in the high-end market. For example, printing has unique advantages and occupies a leading position in imitation metal etching, ice flower and refractive printing

according to Mr. Zheng, from the recent development of domestic and foreign packaging market, micron friction and wear testing machine (10N) has shown a relatively stable growth trend in the field of packaging and anti-counterfeiting printing, and occupies a very important position

president he said that Tiger color currently has four full-automatic drum printing machines, mainly equipment from Sakurai, Japan, which are mainly used in the printing of some high-quality or medium and high-end products, such as the printing of high-end cigarette packs, wine boxes, gift boxes and notebook covers. As a finishing brush, it mainly plays the role of embellishment and decoration. Due to business development and needs, the company recently ordered a Sakurai full-automatic drum printing machine

printing on Meinong can be called a major feature, which is the main competitive advantage of the company. In the interview, the author learned about the functions and characteristics of the digital display spring testing machine and learned that more than 90% of the full-automatic printing equipment of Meinong comes from Shanghai Sanyin printing machine. Mr. Nie Xiaoan told the author that the main product of Meinong is cigarette bags, and most of the products use printing to reflect and highlight their own characteristics. India has not only improved the quality and grade of products, but also promoted the expansion of the company's business and market. At the same time, it has also greatly improved the company's popularity in the industry

1. Combined printing, wonderful

packaging products pay great attention to visual effects and pursue "new, strange and special" in order to stimulate consumers' desire to buy Panasonic exchange servo electromechanical products to the greatest extent. Therefore, the current packaging products are more and more exquisite, more and more exquisite and more complex, which puts forward higher requirements for the printing process. In actual production, more and more companies begin to adopt a variety of printing process combinations to achieve the desired special effects, such as offset + printing, offset + gravure + printing, flexo + printing and other combined printing methods

the combination printing mentioned here includes two methods: extension combination printing and online combination printing. According to Mr. He Zong and Mr. Nie, Hucai and Meinong also use extension combination printing. The advantage of combined printing is that it can make full use of and display the characteristics and advantages of various printing processes, make up for the shortcomings of other printing processes, learn from each other, and achieve the best effect of products through process integration. Mr. Zheng believes that from the perspective of market development, this multi process combination printing method has become a trend and will become more and more popular in the future, especially the rotary transfer unit with high printing accuracy. 7.5.3 the compressive strength and flexural strength levels are determined by the average and minimum values of the experimental results according to table 2. It will be more widely used in conjunction with the flexographic printing machine. Mr. Zheng also cited several examples of extension combined printing, one of which is to use flexo printing to print a fine eye-catching urban background, and then use the printing process to overprint fluorescent ink on it. The ink layer thickness of fluorescent ink is 100 μ M or more, so that it can be colored for a long time under light irradiation

different printing processes have their own characteristics, such as offset printing, gravure printing and flexo printing. The main advantages are fine graphics and texts, rich level reproduction and good point reduction. It is suitable for printing of eye and fine images, especially offset printing. The number of lines added can reach 300 lines/inch, which is better in fine printing. Printing is good at thick ink layer, bright color, high saturation, strong three-dimensional sense of printing products, and can achieve a variety of anti-counterfeiting functions and special effects. In packaging and printing, the combination of offset printing, printing and other printing processes can make prints icing on the cake, greatly improve the quality and grade of products, and also promote product sales

Mr. Nie pointed out that in Meinong, most cigarette packaging products need to be printed through multiple processes such as offset printing, gravure printing and printing. Offset printing, gravure printing and printing coexist and complement each other

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