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Packaging paperboard Market festivals soar with the trend

after September, national day, new year's day, Spring Festival and other festivals follow one after another. The whole packaging paperboard Market has been fully mobilized to meet the arrival of the market peak season. Many packaging enterprises and users want to know, in September, the optimization of energy structure gave birth to an investment boom in the fields of oil and gas, wind power, photovoltaic and nuclear power. What changes will happen to the output, sales volume and price of packaging cardboard

bid farewell to the off-season and usher in the peak season

in the first half of 2006, the overall demand for packaging board sales was relatively large, and the product sales volume of Ningbo Zhonghua paper was better than that of the same period in 2005. Especially for some mature products in the market, the order is larger than the output, and the enterprise inventory is also very tight

before May, the cigarette bag market sales were relatively good, while from June to July, it was relatively cold. In terms of food packaging, it is not easy to count the sales volume because there is no classification of outer packaging paperboard, but on the whole, the sales volume of white paperboard is better than that of gray paperboard

since September, various festivals have come, and it has come to the peak season of packaging cardboard demand. In fact, not only after September, the sales of packaging board in January, February and March of each year are also quite good. The most prosperous month is from September to October, and the sales volume in other months is relatively weak

Festival demand volume

because several traditional festivals and holidays in China, such as Mid Autumn Festival, national day, new year's day, Spring Festival, etc., are mainly concentrated in the second half of the year, the demand for packaging cardboard has increased significantly due to the expansion of market demand for traditional festivals

in addition, because packaging has a concept of advance, packaging products have been designed a few months before the festival. For example, one to two months before and after the Spring Festival is the peak demand for packaging cardboard. Therefore, although there is still a month from September to the recent Mid Autumn Festival, the large-scale growth of packaging demand has emerged at this time

production in the next few years, the new production capacity of China's wood plastic industry will reach more than 2 million tons, and the production should be adjusted in time.

now, the production equipment of major domestic paperboard production enterprises has been at full power, basically in full production, that is, the production paper machine is at the highest speed, so as to maximize the production capacity

for China paper, the largest packaging board manufacturer in China, the current demand for packaging board also maximizes its equipment production, making inventory very tight, so we must make some adjustments in production, for example, shift the production focus to the paper with high gross profit, and limit the output of the paper with low gross profit. Do not lower the price of products, or even raise the price of some products

some enterprises released new production capacity

in 2005, the competition in the packaging board market has reached white hot, which is the most intense year in the market competition in the past 20 years. The main reason is that some large factories released new production capacity, and the total production capacity of several large paper machines is basically the same as the original market output. From the beginning of 2006 to now, some paper giant enterprises have added new production capacity, which is expected to increase the production capacity of 3million ~ 4million tons on the original basis. Therefore, the competitive pressure in the packaging paperboard Market in the second half of the year is still not small

however, compared with last year, the degree of competition in 2006 slowed down, mainly because: the demand in the domestic market increased; The export volume of several large factories increased rapidly

in the competition of product categories, the fierce competition between the white cardboard Market and the gray background whiteboard market is particularly obvious, especially the large-scale paper machines of several large manufacturers such as gray background whiteboard and nine dragons indicate that the production capacity has not been completely repaired and gradually released, with an increase of about 60000 ~ 70000 tons a month. Although this effect will not be obvious for the time being, it will appear by the end of 2006 or the beginning of 2007

although the white paperboard Market is not as competitive as the gray paperboard Market, the white paperboard Market will also be subject to some indirect fluctuations due to the influence of the gray paperboard Market. For example, if the gray paperboard Market of some manufacturers is not successful, the output of white paperboard will be increased

in addition, in the second half of the year, the demand for low, medium and high-end paperboard products will be relatively balanced, and there will be no significant difference

the price will rise slightly

affected by the rising price of raw materials, some manufacturers have begun to raise the price of packaging cardboard, and Ningbo Zhonghua paper also has this plan. It is expected that the price increase products are mainly concentrated in white cardboard, and the possibility of price increase is smaller for gray background white paperboard because of the fierce market competition

at present, the price of white cardboard is 6000 ~ 7000 yuan/ton, with a rise of about 100 ~ 300 yuan/ton. The price increase is expected to be from September to October. The price increase of 100 ~ 300 yuan/ton is relatively small, and most customers should be able to accept it. Now the key is to see whether the manufacturers agree with this price increase, because most products are basically guaranteed, and slightly better products may have a little gross profit. However, it should be noted that although manufacturers will adjust the price of products, the rate of cost increase is still greater than the range of price increase, and the survival situation of enterprises is still not optimistic

raw material prices rise and profits are compressed

the price of the main fiber raw materials for papermaking is now relatively high. The prototype made by the development team with high raw material prices is only the result of four and a half months of research and development. The first reason is that the domestic market has a large demand for raw materials, and the second reason is that the production of domestic raw materials cannot be supplied in time. This situation has a great pulling effect on the growth of world raw material prices; In addition, the price of raw materials is cyclical, but its cyclical fluctuations, like the stock market, are very unstable, and it is difficult to predict its law

although the energy price rises relatively fast, the overall impact is small because the cost of energy in the production cost of paper is not very high, which only affects the transportation of paper

the import price of waste paper will also affect the profit margin of products. For example, the main raw material of gray paperboard is waste paper. Now the increase of waste paper is small, which is much less than that of raw wood pulp, so the impact is not big. However, because raw wood pulp is the main raw material for white cardboard production, if the price of raw wood pulp rises and white cardboard does not rise, the product will have no profit space

source: business information of printing materials in China

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