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Packaging and printing - packaging box design and printing steps

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core tip: the process of packaging box design is a planned and step-by-step process of continuous improvement, and the success of the design largely depends on whether the concept is accurate and whether it is perfect. The beauty of design is endless, and perfection depends on attitude

[China Packaging News] the process of packaging box design is a planned and step-by-step process of continuous improvement. The success of the design largely depends on whether the concept is accurate and whether it is perfect. The beauty of design is endless, and perfection depends on attitude

I. investigation

investigation is the process of understanding things, and what design needs is purposeful and complete investigation. Background, market research, industry research (about brands, audiences, products), positioning, expression methods, and investigation are the beginning and foundation of design (background knowledge)

II. Content

the content is divided into two parts: theme and specific content, which are the basic materials for designers before design

III. concept

conception is the first step of design, and thinking is more important than everything in design. Concept has always been independent of design. Perhaps it is the most difficult thing to convey ideas in your visual works

fourth, mobilize visual elements

in the design, the basic elements are equivalent to the components of your work, and each element should have the purpose of transmitting and strengthening the transmission of information. Really excellent designers are often stingy. Every time they use an element, they will consider the overall needs. In a layout, the constituent elements can be divided according to categories, such as:

title, text, background, tone, main figure, which plays a decisive role in the measurement of tension accuracy, shape, white space, visual center, etc. Graphic design layout is the process of organically combining different elements. For example, with the help of frames (also known as bones) in layout, there are many forms, regular frames and irregular frames, visible frames and implicit frames; In addition, among the font elements, the selection and collocation of font and font type is a very particular one. The process of choosing font style is a process of aesthetic judgment. Joint research and development of forklift hydrostatic system suitable for China's national conditions, as well as the use of color, can reflect a designer's understanding and cultivation of color. Color is a kind of language (information). Color has feelings, can make people associate, and can make people feel warm and cold, front and rear, weight, size and so on. Being good at mobilizing visual elements is one of the necessary abilities of designers

v. choose the means of expression

means is skill. In today's flood of visual products, it is not easy to impress the audience, and more visual works have been automatically ignored by people's eyes. How many ways can you deliver your message? One is a complete and perfect design method expressed in traditional aesthetics, which will be appreciated, read and remembered by the audience. The second is to achieve (including in materials) in novel or unexpected ways, and the third is to launch crazy advertising volume and carry out carpet style forced bombing. Which one do we need more? Although the three methods can achieve the goal, we know that their returns are different

we have learned many kinds of graphic processing and expression methods in the three compositions, such as comparison, analogy, exaggeration, symmetry, primary and secondary, light and shade, variation, repetition, contradiction, radiation, rhythm, thickness, cold and warm, area and other forms. In addition, from the effect of graphic processing, there are hand-painted effects, such as oil paintings, pencils, watercolors, prints, which are standard practices, crayons, graffiti, and others, such as photography, old photos, and so on. So which one do you choose? It depends on your goal and target group, as well as your design level

VI. balance

balance can bring visual and psychological satisfaction. Designers should solve the balance of force field in the picture, the balance of front and back connection, and the sense of balance is also the ability required by designers for composition. Balance and imbalance are relative, and it is based on whether they meet the requirements of the theme. Balance is divided into symmetric balance and asymmetric balance, including point, line, surface, color and space balance

VII. Brilliant

remember, you need to create visual excitement to sublimate your work

VIII. About style

as a designer, sometimes he opposes style. The formation of a fixed style means self rigidity, but style is also a reflection of a designer's personality, preferences, experience and cultivation, and a sign of a designer's maturity. He thinks that only by understanding Datong can he go on the edge alone

IX. packaging box design and production

inspection items include: graphics, fonts, text, color, arrangement, proportion, bleeding

requirements: visual imagination and effect should be pleasing to the eye, and more importantly, be understood by the audience! We can make our products more convenient. Convenience includes simplifying the learning curve and influencing what you are already familiar with

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