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Packaging quality can not be ignored

there is a folk saying in China: "one third looks seven if the rubber fatigue testing machine can't make up", which says the importance of dressing up. If you go out and dress sloppily and add a disheveled head and dirty face, you will have the experience of "ugly face, difficult to enter the door". Not only can't get things done, but you may also suffer from a belly of cowardice

similarly, if the packaging of our products is not good, we naturally have to "swallow it and it is difficult to leave the house". It is reported that the losses caused by poor packaging in the export of mechanical and electrical products account for about 10% of the export value. A domestic factory exported a batch of flanges, worth 80000 yuan. After the packaging was damaged halfway, it had to be repackaged. As a result, the foreign party claimed 100000 dollars for delaying the delivery date. This is really "losing my wife and losing my soldiers", which is really sad

at present, China has joined the World Trade Organization and has been in line with the international market. Whether mechanical and electrical products can be invincible in the international market, product quality is the key, but the quality of outer packaging can not be ignored. Otherwise, instead of expanding our exports, we will lose the domestic market

packaging is a great wealth. We should raise it to the height of revitalizing the machinery and automobile industry, and take the packaging quality as a part of the overall quality of mechanical products into the scope of production management and enterprise management. The design of products should include the design of packaging, and the inspection of product quality should include the inspection of "packaging quality". We should insist that products with unqualified packaging are not allowed to leave the factory regardless of the output

nowadays, in order to make up for congenital deficiencies and cover up the laziness of the day after tomorrow, some singers have made "costumes" with heavy money to "package" themselves into larks; In order to meet the vanity of their own joint research and development of forklift hydrostatic system suitable for China's national conditions, the factory directors and managers of some enterprises add expensive suits and purchase luxury cars at any cost, so as to "package" themselves into a strategic, talented and bold entrepreneur. Then, for our products, which maintain the survival and development of enterprises and the prosperity of the country, to be invincible in the fiercely competitive market, why can't we dress up our products like dressing up ourselves and our children

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