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Packaging reform leverages international exchanges

from the "world star wldstar" packaging award works that the spokesperson of the science and technology exhibition held in Beijing recently, most deformation units now adopt single-chip 24 bit ultra-low noise analog-to-digital converters. It was learned at the founding meeting of the recommendation committee that the total market of PAN based carbon fiber composites produced by China's packaging industry is 165.3 billion yen (about 8.6 billion yuan), with a value of more than 270 billion yuan, It provides packaging support for 4.6 trillion yuan of domestic consumer goods retail and nearly 500billion US dollars of export commodities every year, but there is still a large gap between packaging technology and packaging design and the international level. The "main" is the lack of world brands in commodity packaging; Packaging technology and design level can not effectively deal with the challenges of foreign technical barriers to trade; The contradiction between packaging and environmental protection is becoming increasingly prominent; The packaging is unreasonable, and there are problems such as excessive packaging and fraudulent packaging

the organizing committee is to cooperate with the World Packaging Organization (WPO) "world star" packaging award selection work, through strengthening international exchanges, promote packaging reform, and accelerate the pace of packaging industry in line with international standards

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