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Packaging and printing help anti-counterfeiting technology

when consumer attitudes change dramatically, packaging always bears the brunt of attention, and people especially condemn its environmental protection problems

unified tone

a challenge brought about by brand globalization is how to ensure that the brand maintains the consistency of packaging and printing color in the process of communication. We need to know that the change is not only the expanded market region, but also the printing substrate and printing process. When we choose this system to enhance the direct connection of computers, 5-color and 6-color inkjet or laser printers will be changed

continuous innovation

how to save as much cost as possible from all links of the supply chain; How to achieve faster preparation speed and shorter task interval in actual production. "These problems are a piece of cake for digital printing, which is famous for saving costs, and traditional processes are also trying to solve them," Fu Xiangsheng said

time to market

another advantage of digital technology is the speed of transferring tasks to the printing press. Basically, it can be completed instantly after receiving task approval. On the contrary, it takes up to 90 minutes to prepare a flexographic plate. During this time, a digital short edition printer is ready to send the finished product to the customer. This technology caters to the fast pace required by contemporary culture, so it can also be called technology that keeps up with the pace of the times

packaging and printing help anti-counterfeiting technology

among the numerous printing systems flooding the market, one product is very eye-catching, which is the latest track trace module launched by coding and marking expert Atlantic Zeiser. This economical module can be directly connected with the ready-made production line, providing a series of security solutions, and can check the legitimacy of packaging and products on the Internet. When the code does not conform to the inventory data, an optical inspection system will issue a rejection warning

focus on food safety

setting high safety standards is also applicable to the food industry. Real or potential health threats caused by packaging materials will lead to costly product recalls and packaging blood exchange

looking forward to the packaging and printing market

the leading process technology in this industry is (4) the interface on the plug-in controller must be powered off. Flexographic printing accounts for about 38% of the global market. Offset printing is the main printing method for folding cartons, with a market share of 25%. Digital printing is also rapidly seizing the market by virtue of its small batch printing characteristics and strong scope of application. According to the number of new machines installed, it has exceeded flexographic printing, of which 7% of the market share will also be used to continuously stimulate and accelerate this growth trend

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