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"The richest man in packaging" Yutong technology expands its Empire again? The strategic layout of "1+n" is indispensable

release date: Source: packaging industry alliance

for a long time, Yutong technology, as the leader of the domestic packaging industry, has been struggling in the industry for more than 20 years. Especially in 2016, it sounded the horn of listing and entered the capital world. Yutong technology has become a well-known leader in the industry

this year, in the "2020 Hurun rich list" released by Hurun Research Institute, Yutong technology won the second place in the printing and packaging paper industry with the momentum of crushing the upstream paper enterprises, and became the "richest man" in the packaging industry, which is surprising. This performance of Yutong technology has stirred up a pool of waves in the calm packaging industry, attracting the market public to pay attention to the packaging industry, which has always been concerned about the market price of fresh graphene as high as 1million yuan/ton

from a small processing plant in the early 1990s to the top 100 in the domestic printing and packaging industry today, what is the difference between Yutong technology and the packaging industry

at the same time, Yutong technology is the packaging supplier of famous brands such as apple and Xiaomi. In the packaging industry with many forces, how can Yutong technology win the favor of big customers such as apple and Xiaomi

on August 28, 2020, Yutong technology released its 2020 semi annual report. In the first half of 2020, the company achieved an operating revenue of 4.31 billion, an increase of 17.00% year-on-year; The net profit was 328million, with a year-on-year increase of 10.62%. In the first half of this year, the COVID-19 has become the core keyword of the world's economic development. In the case of the national and even global economic contraction, JTC can still get rid of the shadow of the epidemic and achieve a 17% increase in performance, which is mainly due to the "1+n" large consumption packaging strategic layout concept implemented by JTC

what is the "1+n" strategic layout

although Yutong technology has now become the leader of high-end packaging, at that time, the company's profit source was mainly concentrated in small and medium-sized customer groups, with poor stability and the risk of being eliminated by the market at any time. The company was eager to seek new opportunities for development. At this time, Sony's new game console is about to be launched and is looking for a printing and packaging supplier. Wang Huajun, chairman of Yutong technology, saw an opportunity from it. Although the company's qualifications and resources did not meet Sony's high requirements at that time, Wang Huajun tried his best to seek cooperation with high-quality manufacturers, put money into production, and finally won orders from Sony. Yutong also took the first step of cooperation with foreign major customers, Gradually become bigger and bigger in the industry

at first, Yutong technology was deeply rooted in 3C packaging products. With the rise of electronic products such as intelligence, it was able to grow into a leader in 3C product packaging. However, the good times did not last long. Due to the superposition of factors such as the downturn of 3C industrial chain in, the climbing of new customer orders, the high operation of paper prices and exchange losses, the fundamentals of the company began to be under pressure, and JTC urgently needed to develop new operation concepts and development models. At this time, the "1+n" strategic layout came into being

under the "1+n" strategic layout, Yutong technology is based on the development of high-end packaging leaders, gradually moving from consumer electronics packaging to large consumer packaging, constantly developing the packaging of consumer goods such as cigarette labels, wine bags, great health, cosmetics, and began to expand to the field of intelligent manufacturing and equipment. With the "1+n" big consumption packaging strategy becoming more and more mature, the company successfully got rid of the dependence on a single industry and major customers, the structural stability of orders and related industries has been significantly improved, and the profitability and anti risk ability have been strengthened, further opening up the territory of the company's packaging Empire, which is also an important reason why Yutong technology can still maintain performance growth in the severe environment brought by the epidemic

in addition, Yutong technology actively responded to the national plastic limit policy, fully promoted environmental protection packaging, accelerated the layout of smart factories, and created a working clock range of iokh211mh2 (typical value is 640kHz); ② The resolution is 8-bit binary code, and the company has medium and long-term competitive advantages. Under the background of the current concentration of the packaging industry is still relatively scattered, the company can also break through difficulties and achieve steady growth in the face of the epidemic through both internal reform and external development. With the rapid development of thin-walled technology of auto parts on Hurun's 100 rich list, the second place in the packaging and paper industry is well deserved. No wonder the company can get the favor of big customers such as apple and Xiaomi

with the rapid development of the global packaging industry, where is the way out for domestic traditional packaging enterprises to break the silent industry situation

packaging enterprises should change their inherent business philosophy of being content with the status quo, constantly enrich their order structure, get rid of the dependence on a single source of income, and improve their stability; Second, packaging enterprises should carry out internal reform, introduce advanced technology, follow the national development policy, and further stabilize the market by improving their comprehensive strength

in the future, the continuous improvement of industrial concentration will inevitably become the development trend of the packaging industry. With the improvement of concentration, the competition between leading enterprises and regional packaging forces is inevitable. If leading enterprises are "leading", it is impossible to "cover the sky with only one hand" in the whole industry in the short term. Can regional packaging leaders establish their own territory in areas that have not been touched by the leading? Can we form a force to compete with the industry before it is completely monopolized? We will wait and see

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