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Product packaging is the most direct brand display

people rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles. Today, with the increasingly serious phenomenon of commodity homogenization, enterprises always hope to use a method to make the originally identical commodities appear in front of customers in a differentiated form, which is like human clothing. Undoubtedly, eye-catching packaging design can help enterprises' goods stand out from many competitive brands with its superior visual recognition, and make consumers pay attention, pause, observe, appreciate and generate purchase behavior. This is also the most ideal packaging design pursued by every business

packaging, as the most direct means and channel to communicate feelings and transmit information with consumers at the time of purchase, is actually the most direct brand display. Therefore, packaging design should be in line with the market. To be in line with the market is to be in line with products and consumers. Its packaging style should most directly meet its product positioning, meet the needs of its target consumers, and conform to its brand concept. Therefore, on the premise that quality and brand have been recognized by consumers, packaging has a great impact on product sales

packaging design should be beautified under market conditions, and the primary and secondary design should be distinguished. As packaging, its application purpose is to make profits, so packaging, as a part of commodities, must conform to the market. It is not a work of art, it is a real commodity. The price of the product determines the grade of the product, and the packaging design should be consistent with the grade of the product. We must not use low-grade packaging design to support the price of high-grade products, nor can we use high-grade packaging design to drive low-grade products, and everything should be moderate, Otherwise, it will be neither fish nor fowl, which will backfire. In the early stage of packaging design, we should analyze the target consumers and conform to the personality characteristics of consumers. At the same time, it should conform to the brand connotation positioning. Brand is the accumulation of product culture for many years, the source of product attributes, and the guarantee of product quality. Therefore, its brand connotation should continue to grow and improve, so the packaging design should be consistent with the brand concept and connotation, and match the brand extension direction

the packaging of any product has its unity and continuity, which is not only an image problem, but also a communication problem. Therefore, packaging design should have such characteristics that consumers can associate their brands with the packaging, and reflect the characteristics and commonalities of their series of products on the packaging

attaching importance to packaging is to attach importance to products

packaging makes products have a certain form: in many cases, products without form are difficult to display or display, such as beverages, cigarettes and other products. Without packaging, the display cost is large and, let alone, the expected effect cannot be achieved. It has a certain protective effect on the product quality: for example, the packaging of qiaqiaxiang melon seeds has an airtight peritoneum, so that the unique sales proposition of qiaqiabai boiled gum can be preserved, otherwise the flavor has changed. What do consumers love you? Make the products different from competitors: take potato chips as an example, because the potato chips of Pinke are packaged in paper barrels, they are easy to differ from those packaged in other plastic bags, which is easy for consumers to identify

packaging also serves as a consumer instruction. The special selling points of many products determine that their consumption methods are different. At this time, there must be enough information in the packaging design to let consumers know its particularity, otherwise it will cause poor communication of product information. Packaging makes the product portable. Take beverages as an example, from bulk to glassware, to today's PTT bottles, the more important thing is to consider the mobility of consumption. In addition, the difference in capacity between bottled drinks and paper wrapped drinks is mainly due to the mobility of consumers

design is the top priority

after the packaging design meets the basic requirements of the product, we should consider more about the connotation of the design. Packaging design can reflect different connotations of products, brands and enterprises

1. Find out the personality characteristics of products

people at the same age have different personality characteristics, and so do products. Products of the same type also have their own characteristics. The first entry point of packaging is to compare similar products, find out the similarities and differences, divide the consumer class according to the target market, and accurately position the products in line with the distinctive personality of the products. Take cuddle cuddle products in kuakeli brand as an example. It is targeted at young people who are lively, cheerful and like to pursue. In view of this consumer psychology, the design elements are taken from the representative clothing of young people in our life - jeans, and the color is compared with yellow and blue, with a simple style. As soon as the product is put on the market, it is welcomed by the majority of young people and has recently become one of the new favorites of Valentine's day. This is determined by its distinctive personality

2. Reflect the connotation of commodity brand

after giving humanized personality characteristics to products, packaging design should also reflect the connotation of commodity brand. While cuddle has been recognized by the majority of young people, kuakeli brand has also become popular with the rise of cuddle sales, spread among young people's consciousness and behavior, and established a brand image representing youth, vitality, lightness and sweetness

3. Accumulation and reflection of corporate cultural image

packaging is designed for products, products come from enterprises, and packaging design undoubtedly reflects the cultural image of enterprises. For example, the packaging design of Coca Cola not only endows the product brand connotation, but also reflects the accumulation of Coca Cola corporate culture. The vigorous and enthusiastic enterprise spirit has penetrated all over the world. Whenever Coca Cola packaging appears, people will always feel the inherent cultural essence of Coca Cola company

4. It reflects a certain regional and national culture

which is particularly prominent in the packaging design of the food industry. For example, for the packaging of tea, Westerners only understand tea as a simple drink, while Orientals inject more cultural heritage into tea, thus forming a calculation formula of 3.2 smooth intersection frequency of speed and displacement. The unique tea culture of the East naturally differs in the style of tea leaf packaging between the East and the West. Another example is wine packaging. Westerners' understanding of wine tends to be a symbol of power, giving it a noble and luxurious image. The packaging also uses gorgeous shapes and colors. Even the civilian beer can see the pursuit of strong power in the packaging design style. But we Orientals tend to be spiritual about wine, giving it more emotional color. The ancients often recited poems about wine, or used wine to drink when relatives and friends were reunited or separated. They mostly used wine to express their emotions. Therefore, the packaging was also more spiritual. On the whole, it was clear, new and elegant, which made people associate and daydream

at present, serialization and personalization of packaging design have become a wise choice for all product manufacturers. In this way, it is convenient to centrally publicize the product image and corporate image, and it is conducive to users to deepen their impression. Therefore, while ensuring the quality of goods and constantly launching new products, enterprises pay special attention to packaging design and optimize the image of enterprises and products, because good packaging is the most direct embodiment of the high quality of enterprise goods

pay attention to packaging design, and also pay attention to the application of American science and psychology in packaging design. Design is a creative activity, not a simple combination of color blocks. How to make a design look balanced, eye-catching and give people aesthetic feeling is the key to the application of aesthetics and psychology. This requires full consideration of factors such as the role of products, basic functions, and the psychological feelings of consumers in the use of color, the division and combination of layout, the adjustment of text patterns, and the selection of background patterns

many products have strict quality requirements, and their packaging has its own uniqueness. There are strict regulations on the text content of product packaging. This requires the designer to adjust the font, size and spacing of the allowed words according to the size of the package, and pay attention to the detailed treatment of the design, so as to make consumers look convenient and comfortable, and make some highlighted and key propaganda words clear at a glance. For the same design, if you don't pay attention to the adjustment of font and pattern position, although the text content will not affect the use, the visual effect will give people a dull, chaotic and even extremely uncomfortable feeling. Affecting the overall image quality. In the design, we should comprehensively consider all aspects of factors, pay attention to the treatment of details in the design, and take into account the needs and aesthetics of users

packaging product details determine success or failure

details determine success or failure. When designing product packaging, it is also necessary to consider more than 3 detail factors of POM, which are also the most basic needs of product packaging

understand the characteristics of products

everything has its basic characteristics, and commodities are no exception, such as the physical properties (cracking, soft or hard, fluidity, melting point, freezing point, etc.), chemical properties (such as acid, sweet, discoloration, smell, etc.), biological properties (such as fermentation, oxygen, photosynthesis, shelf life, etc.). At the same time, it is necessary to understand how the products are displayed, sold, transported, and stored in the market

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